Sestra by Geberit
Sestra by Geberit

The impact of pure innovation takes form in a minimum area of 80×80 cm and a limited thickness of 4cm. The simplicity of a plane with such limited measurements sums up all the research and advanced experimentation of Geberit, a leader in the field of sanitary technology and design for the bath environment. The new Sestra shower tray, in fact, is the perfect synthesis of form and function, aesthetics and practicality. A product that responds to the needs of consumers – accessibility, hygiene, design, ease of use, comfort – and to the needs of architecture, not only due to its simplicity of installation, but also to the way it optimizes space. In line with the corporate philosophy expressed in the slogan “Geberit. Better bathrooms, better lives.” 

Within the wide range of shower tray offerings of the company, Geberit Sestra stands out primarily for its stone-effect surface, made in resin stone covered with Gelcoat, to enhance both tactile and visual sensations. The material is also very strong and prevents slipping. The result is a tray with a structured but also elegant and contemporary image, thanks to its minimal forms. This aspect is also emphasized by the chromatic choices, ranging through three different hues, perfectly harmonized with respect to the three-dimensional quality of the surface: white, stone gray and graphite.

Not by chance, variety is another distinctive and qualitative feature of the collection, which includes as many as 16 sizes, such as the new 80×80 cm square format and the equally novel rectangular trays, measuring 70×90 cm, 70×160 cm and 70×170 cm. The extensive choice responds to all kinds of design needs and spaces, in renovations and new constructions, with an added advantage: the shower tray can be made to measure.

The essential image of Sestra becomes a plus in all senses: the 4-centimeter border permits installation by placement on the floor, or recessed into it; the cover is inserted in a discreet, totally continuous way; even the built-in siphon, based on the Geberit CleanLine drain channel, vanishes from view, its presence detectable only because if its high functional performance. The channel drainage system extends along the surface of the shower tray (to guarantee maximum hygiene), and is made with an easily removable central cover; inside, a practical insert, for easy extraction, facilitates everyday cleaning operations.

Boosting the value of an items that has become fundamental in the contemporary bath environment, Geberit transforms the shower corner into an enveloping, relaxing and technological space, an experience of everyday domestic intimacy.