Walls of light

The Vetrite collection by Sicis brings light, matter and preciousness into interiors, transforming surfaces into fascinating theatrical backdrops

Vetrite by Sicis - Zhor Perfumery, Milan
Vetrite by Sicis - Zhor Perfumery, Milan

Cladding, and much more. Sicis revolutionises the idea of the surface through Vetrite, large slabs that combine material research with a precious and fascinating aesthetic. Vetrite evolves interior architecture by going beyond the concept of finish to approach the dimension of decoration, and at the same time evolves the conventions of traditional glass. Vetrite is in fact made from a special formula of glass and polymers, designed to increase durability and resistance, and at the same time the scenic effect to create atmospheres that are always as different as they are evocative.

Vetrite by Sicis - Hotel Ghibli, Civitanova Marche, Italy
Vetrite by Sicis – Hotel Ghibli, Civitanova Marche, Italy

Its applications are manifold, both indoors and outdoors: in addition to covering vertical and horizontal surfaces, the sheets can be curved, double-sided and even backlit: this technology applied to the sheet makes it possible to create spectacular points of light, enriching the environment with diffuse lighting rich in nuances. The backlighting not only emphasises the intrinsic beauty of decorative glass, but also makes these sheets particularly ideal for a variety of uses: from partition walls to decorative panels, from bar and reception cladding to artistic inserts.

Vetrite by Sicis - Lifestyle Suite Rome
Vetrite by Sicis – Lifestyle Suite Rome

Eclectic and versatile, Vetrite is composed of an extremely wide range of available finishes and colours, extending its expressive possibilities, together with the maximum customisation that transforms each project into a unicum. It is precisely the proposal’s affinity with the world of design – thanks to its ability to respond to multiple and ever-changing aesthetic and functional requirements, as much as its performance in use and resistance – that makes it a privileged choice for designers and architects.

Vetrite by Sicis
Vetrite by Sicis

A direct testimony of this are the numerous realisations signed Sicis at an international level that see Vetrite as a protagonist: from the Zhor Perfumery boutique in Milan, to the suites of the exclusive Hotel Ghibli, up to the hospitality spaces of the refined Lifestyle Suite Rome. With Vetrite, innovation meets art, transforming every environment into a bright and fascinating canvas.