Interior architecture

Ad Hoc di Effebiquattro Milano

Effebiquattro Milano presents Indoor

Over 8 million doors in houses all over the world, and inside emblematic Italian buildings, such as Teatro alla Scala and the Bosco Verticale in Milan. 45 years of history, an in-house production facility...
Torri Lana by Dooor - Design Gianfranco Frattini

Dooor | Torri Lana

As an iconic design element of the 1960s, as shown in several projects of the time by major Italian and international designers, the folding door is once again a versatile and innovative element for contemporary...
Ying by Lualdi - Design Steve Leung

Oriental overture

Never banal, never repetitive, the Lualdi team never speaks in the past tense, but always offers a key of interpretation for the future. The collaboration with Steve Leung is a change of gear, an...
V Theca by Viva

Visual and conceptual continuity: Viva quality

Firmly rooted in the territory of Brianza, with its centuries-old manufacturing tradition, Viva is a company with international reach, capable of forecasting and interpreting global trends, while grasping the needs and tastes of a...
MisuraEmme, Palo Alto I-Box

Getting stronger

We might call it an abrupt adjustment, caused by the post­ponement to 2021 of the Salone del Mo­bile in Milan. What initially seemed un­thinkable soon became an opportunity to revise internal dynamics, alternative meth­ods...
Skin Background