Learning with Arper

The new chair designed by Lievore Altherr is designed for educational spaces. Compact but extremely functional, it will be presented at Orgatec

Arper at Orgatec with Cila Go, designed by Lievore Altherr. The new project proposes new aesthetic possibilities for the Learning Sector while providing all the functionality necessary for this specific context—mobility for group collaboration, quiet space for independent work, accessories for technology-enabled learning for the ever-expanding notion of the classroom.

 /><figcaption class=Cila Gol by Lievore Altherr, Arper

The Cila Go base with a seat pad serves as a stool with castors. Compact yet supremely functional, it offers storage options for books, briefcases or backpacks, tablets, computers, and supplies. The multi-base base extends seating configurations from modular work environment to the responsive classroom.

The combination of Cila Go base with Cila chair shells, with or without armrests, becomes a flexible workstation designed specifically for the Learning Sector. Wheels on the base create ease in forming flexible seating configurations in classrooms—from bigger group arrangements in rows or circles, small group pod learning, or individual space. A desktop with swing arm in 50×33,5 cm format accommodates laptops, tablets, books, or notebooks and is available in black or white.

Arper @Orgatec
Hall 10.2
Stand: J-19-K-18