A material between technology and dream

Promoted and produced by Milan’s municipality, Palazzo Reale and Alcantara, the exhibition is part of the “Expo in the city”, the schedule of initiatives that will accompany the cultural life of the city during the first half of the Universal Exposition.

"We are pleased to be protagonists, during Expo, of an exhibition that brings Alcantara in a place with a strong historical and cultural value – declares Andrea Boragno, president and CEO of the company – we want to interpret, through the potential of the material, the deep link between technology, art, industry and innovation."

In fact, Palazzo Reale, offers an ideal setting to tell the story of a company that, while retaining the values ​​of a typically Italian know-how, is strongly committed to the study of innovative solutions, communicating this inclination through international initiatives that also involve the world of fashion, design and art.

After the exhibition still open at MAXXI in Rome "Local Icons. Greetings from Rome" always wanted by Alcantara, the two curators Giulio Cappellini and Domitilla Dardi worked together again involving six characters, protagonists in different areas – fashion, product, light, interior, exhibition design – to interpret, through the versatility of the material, the deep connection between technology, art, industry and innovation that are Alcantara’s stylistic view. It has been possibible thanks to the creation of as many installations. The result is an invitation to cross the threshold and the boundaries between reality and dream, between reality and imagination.

Gentucca Bini, Giulio Cappellini, Ingo Maurer, Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto, Paola Navone and Nendo are the authors of the suggestions of the exhibition. Each room, which houses one or more environmental installations, is the mirror of their creative vision.