Code by Poliform

It is called Code, but it translates as “freedom of design”. The system designed by Poliform was created and developed extensively to support and define architectural spaces through practically unlimited compositional possibilities. Combining technical research with minimal aesthetics, the company has created a transversal modular programme to furnish the contemporary living room – an equally evolving, dynamic, multifunctional space – up to the sleeping area, where Code can be integrated with the company’s various wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes. A rich system of suspended storage units, boiseries, shelves, and to complete a collection of sideboards, gives shape to Code, interpreted as stand-alone elements or in combination with each other.

Both the storage units and the sideboards are then declined in further versatile solutions by providing open compartments, display cabinets, drawers, hinged or flap doors. The dynamism of Code is then expressed through the variety of finishes, which can be customised down to the individual component. If the boiseries create the scenic backdrop, the storage elements become the functional and captivating protagonists, in plays of full and empty spaces and chiaroscuro, generating ever-changing sensorial effects thanks to the multiplicity of materials from which the system draws as well as the maximum creativity with which to configure it. 

The open compartments, for example, can be superimposed to create even very extensive modular compositions, while the shelf generates infinite perspectives in the interior, applied to the boiserie with a metal hooking system. The expressive range then includes open compartments in matt lacquer, drawers and side panels in semi-gloss lacquer, backlit tops and shelves, fabric boiserie, and again, champagne profiles, doors and shelves in transparent, even reflective glass, suspended elm storage units and much more.

This plurality is a perfect representation of Poliform’s ability to respond to a “made-to-measure” design of the person and the space, the result of a design culture and manufacturing mastery that enriches the expressive content with meaning. Every detail of Code is therefore designed to be functional, performing, practical, but also beautiful to the eye, pleasant to the touch, in stylistic synergy with a contemporary and elegant interior design. 

So then the sides and fronts of the storage units are reduced to a minimum to measure eight millimetres; applied to the body, they reinterpret its solidity with sophisticated elegance. Even the gap created between the side, front and top is designed to generate visual lightness to the suspended container. 

Then there are the handles integrated with the profile in the door, which in the living container offer visual cleanliness and refined rigour. And again, the feet that connote the sideboards, minimal and geometric, consistent with the design of these complements that enrich the dining area, with open compartment, tray and hinged doors. Code is therefore not just a furnishing programme, it is a design idea.