Cera con finitura Fumo, by Ceramiche Refin
Collezione Cera con finitura Fumo, by Ceramiche Refin

Wrapped by clouds, by an impalpable, delicate material, a malleable dimension in a state of constant change. This is the surprising sensation conveyed by the new Cera collection of Ceramiche Refin. A product that stems from in-depth research, observation and experimentation in relation to an age-old substance: wax. Working with this material and its processes of transformation, the company’s tile designers have taken inspiration to recreate ceramic surfaces offering the same visual and tactile sensations.

Its distinctive plasticity pervades the new collection, adding characteristics of great depth to the space, with a graphic effect generated by cracks, cavities, trails, suggesting the melting and subsequent hardening of wax. From a distance, these features seem to dance on the slabs in an alternating rhythm of pale and dark zones; from up close, they reveal a universe of details and nuances. The Cera collection thus produces an intriguing game of constantly different perceptions, stimulating interesting interactions with space, furnishings and users.

The effect is also boosted by the selection of colors, in a range that draws on three powdery tones, whose names metaphorically recreate a complete chromatic spectrum: Luce, a luminous white that expresses sensations of pureness; Fumo, shifting towards refined gray to bring out the depth of the graphic design; and Incenso, a warm tone with a vivid personality. At the same time, the special CeraSilk surface finish transmits the fluidity of wax to the touch, with a soft, silky sensation.

With its sensorial universe, Cera bears witness to the aesthetic research and technological innovation conducted by Ceramiche Refin, in a constant effort to offer the world of design new creative interpretations and novel solutions in terms of materials and applications. Not by chance, Cera’s formats also go beyond the traditional sizes – 60x120cm and 120X120cm for floors and facings with a homogeneous, deep effect – also featuring a new brick format of 6x24cm, for facings with a more rhythmical, intense and variegated appearance.