Transparency Matters by Draga&Aurel, RoCOLLECTIBLE 2022 – Photo © Riccardo Gasperoni
Transparency Matters by Draga&Aurel, RoCOLLECTIBLE 2022 – Photo © Riccardo Gasperoni

If we consider the fact that the production of furnishings fabrics of Marzotto Group accounts for an increasingly important share of the market in terms of turnover, we can understand the strategic importance of fortification in this sector. This is a figure in constant growth, reflected in sales for 2021 of 52 million euros, up +35% with respect to 2020. Hence the decision to create a new brand in 2022 – Marzotto Interiors – which merges the companies Prosetex and Redaelli Velluti to respond to the needs of different segments, from furniture manufacturing to contract, becoming the main company of reference.

The know-how, production capacity and craftsmanship of the two historic brands have been boosted, starting from an increasingly coordinated chain of supply and production, to support innovation and quality control across the board. The offerings of Marzotto Interiors in the area of interior furnishing fabrics and textile accessories for the home range from jacquard velvets to solid-color velvets, as well as jacquard weaves in cotton, wool, linen and hemp. The captivating, luminous palette is applied to sophisticated patterns and decorations, for both modern and classic settings.

This creative panorama of extraordinary breadth also extends to the fields of retail and hospitality, the nautical and automotive industries, with certified FR (Flame Retardant) fabrics. It covers indoor and outdoor applications, where the latter implies a more natural look, with fabrics and velvets featuring earth tones. Hemp, acrylic, polypropylene and polyester are thus able to combine softness and comfort with high performance, standing up to rain, UV rays, salt air, and changes of temperature and humidity.

The latest Milano Design Week was another occasion (the first was during the fair Proposte) to demonstrate the true ‘stuff’ of Marzotto Interiors. The artists and designers Draga&Aurel utilized some of the new offerings of the unified brand for their collection of furnishings Transparency Matters, presented in the exhibition-event RoCOLLECTIBLE 2022 at Galleria Rossana Orlandi.

Transparency Matters by Draga&Aurel
Photo © Riccardo Gasperoni

The duo worked in an experimental way, combining textile coverings of different thicknesses – Belfast, Mara, Alpaca – to achieve a remarkable tactile effect with sartorial details, emphasizing curves and silhouettes and demonstrating the great versatility of the fabrics by Marzotto Interiors.

Last but not least, in the company’s DNA the focus on sustainability has been reinforced throughout the production, in a perspective of circularity, starting with a process of recovery of yarns and velvets no longer in the collection, granting them a new life. All the way to compliance with the highest standards for raw materials, through GOTS, BCI and GRS certifications, and reduction of the carbon footprint with the elimination of chemical dyes and agents. Particular care goes into energy savings (also through the use of renewable sources) and conservation of water, including reuse and recycling of production waste.