Symphonic rock, interpreted by BertO

Iggy is the new sofa by BertO, the result of a pathway-process driven by music to achieve the materialization of a concept: the narration and inspiration that come prior to the product

Iggy by BertO

Iggy, upon close examination, is not precisely a sofa. It is the three-dimensional and material expression of a story, the latest chapter of the novel that Filippo Berto and his gang have been writing year after year for some time. A novel that relies on a number of firm foundations, one of which – definitely the most venerable and reassuring – is the fil rouge that connects history (who could be more closely tied to Meda, the productive center of Brianza, than Filippo Berto himself?) to the avant-garde, hovering between technological and aesthetic research. To present Iggy and other products this year, BertO bypassed the Salone and the Fuorisalone, avoiding any temporary location inside one of the Milanese design districts, and instead headed straight for home.

The home was that of two Milanese musicians, who for Milano Design Week granted their spaces (already furnished by BertO) to the company, letting them be transformed into a set where the leading players were designs and decibels. In this urban-rock context the collections of BertO were seen in a perfect dimension, and Iggy became the frontman of a concert lasting 7 days. Inspired by the spirit of out-of-the-box innovation of the rockstar Iggy Pop (after all, music is everywhere in the BertO design approach), Iggy was able to reveal its fullest potential in terms of technique, flexibility, compositions and materials.

Iggy stands out for its modular design (as many as 25 different pieces, including seats, backs, armrests and consoles), choice of fabrics and ability to change its image in a matter of minutes. In practice, no two specimens of Iggy will ever be the same. The technology concealed inside gives Iggy the highest possible level of comfort: perimeter crossbars in steel and corners in Baydur provide strength and durability, while belting with variable tension adds exceptional response, welcoming guests for total relaxation, also thanks to the back in goosedown. This is the chord progression of Iggy, a score played by a synchronized, harmonious ensemble, led by a great orchestra conductor: Filippo Berto.