With Scavolini, the kitchen gets smart

Design by Fabio Novembre, technology by Amazon and BTicino, and the know-how of Scavolini. The kitchen of the future is here

Scavolini, Dandy Plus
Scavolini, Dandy Plus

Fabio Novembre has taken a Scavolini milestone and made it into a completely updated, totally friendly, playful and interactive project. His eclectic flair, combined with the know-how of the company helmed by Fabiana Scavolini, has generated a winning combination that takes concrete form in the Dandy Plus system for the kitchen, bathroom and living area. And the results achieved with the virtual assistant Alexa developed by Amazon and built into the BTicino Living Now controls are even more surprising.

But one step at a time. Dusting off a historic bestseller from the 1980s, namely Dandy, Scavolini wanted to boost its potential, in a more modern and colorful guise. They called on Fabio Novembre, who enthuses that “with Scavolini it was love at first sight.”

The designer explains: “Dandy was already a contemporary kitchen in the 1980s, a democratic model, in a way, and a success on the market. I was already stimulated by the name: Dandy means being unique, breaking with conventions, a new aristocracy that does not depend on wealth. Coming to terms with a community that is reinventing the hearth, a community that talks with Alexa, that orders food on the web, forced to stay at home where smart working is spreading into smart living, the theory of the three Cs becomes fundamental: Communication, Change, Cooperation, especially among the millennials.”

Scavolini, Dandy Plus
Scavolini, Dandy Plus

This is the theory behind Dandy Plus, starting precisely with communication: Alexa, the smart personal assistant developed by Amazon, has been integrated with the BTicino Living Now controls of the kitchen to permit interaction with appliances, looking at recipes, enjoying background music, and making online orders.

Change, on the other hand, can be seen from an aesthetic standpoint. The leitmotif of the collection is the bridge that forms the kitchen and sets its profile. Then color comes into play: the white hanging cabinets and gray bridge are joined by accents for all the elements that come into contact with the user, such as handles, buttons, knobs and levers of mixer taps.

Scavolini, Dandy Plus, Bagno
Scavolini, Dandy Plus, Bathroom

The emblem of cooperation and sharing, finally, is the Task Bar composed of an aluminium section placed below the hanging cabinets, on which to place a smart speaker that through BTicino Living Now controls the various technological systems; the bar also offers other components like electrical sockets and USB ports, as well as shelves, accessories and storage.

The flexibility and versatility of Dandy Plus permit the system to break out of the confines of the kitchen, extending into the living area and the bathroom, still with a focus on the “three Cs.”
The whole system will be on view at the Scavolini e-commerce platform, available online and in points of sale starting in November.