A “textile” facade

Moussafir Architects and Inside Outside's project for a building with a Brutalist aesthetic is a perfect demonstration of the multi-faceted,...


Hall 9/11 | Booth S42

Family Silver

Reinterpreting the modernist character of the family apartment, this architectural and spa...

Gordon Matta Clark in Milan

Curated by Alberto Salvadori and Azalea Seratoni, the exhibition “Gordon Matta-Clark. Co...

Metamorphosis as an interpretation of reality

Ventana presents an installation by Marco Gallotta, Metamorphosis, and a talk to investiga...

This must be the place

Milan is the protagonist: with its Design Week, but also with its lifestyle. 28 new openin...

Tradition and innovation

The new collection of ELIE SAAB Maison, presented during Milano Design Week, stems from se...

Orama, a journey between art and nature

From the collaboration between Woolrich and Wanderlust Vision comes “Orama”, the book ...




Artificial Intelligence? It’s a mirror

The interactive installation proposed by the Interaction Design studio Dotdotdot at Fuorisalone, from April 15th to 21st, is called "Data Bugs – AI is...

A sur/real world

Aesthetic sensibility, innovation and modern, eclectic design: all this goes into the evocative, surprising works of Riccardo Fornoni, born in 1994, from Mantua, whose...

Art+Design in Milan

In times when the boundaries between art and design are becoming increasingly blurred, Milan once again resonates as the European capital of design with...

Bukowskis: the bridge between classic and contemporary

Established in the heart of Stockholm in 1870, Bukowskis is more than a simple auction house: it is a beacon guiding art enthusiasts and...

Creative community

Ferragamo’s new women's boutique, which has just opened in Milan, is a place that celebrates almost 100 years of Made in Italy, of constant...

Magical icon

On 10 April, at the flagship store of Poltrona Frau in Milan, during Milano Design Week, the presentation of the new version of the...




15 April 2024 - 21 April 2024

Brera Design Week

Brera, Milan, Italy
15 April 2024 - 21 April 2024


Milan, Italy
15 April 2024 - 21 April 2024

Porta Venezia Design District

Milan, Italy
15 April 2024 - 21 April 2024

Isola Design Festival

Milan, Italy

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