Collectible Design

David Alhadeff, founder of The Future Perfect

The collector’s home

Site-specific collections set the tone in every location where Future Perfect stages its idea of collectibles. After opening Brooklyn, imagined as a conceptual, hybrid space, somewhere between an exhibition room, a store and an...
Julien Lombrail & Loïc Le Gaillard

Carpenters Workshop Gallery: the poetry of handmade design

The tale begins in 2006, in London, inside an old woodworking shop in Chelsea chosen by the two friends Julien Lombrail and Loïc Le Gaillard  as a space for selling paintings. “We soon realized,...
Bas van Beek,Kunstmuseum Den Haag - Photo © Yves Krol

The enchanting museum-space in Rotterdam

With a new location inside the Red Apple building, a skyscraper ‘in red’ in the heart of Rotterdam designed by the Dutch firm KCAP, Galerie VIVID unveils its iconic pieces. From the Red &...
UNNO Gallery - Photo © Ana Hop

Digital Design Gallery

Founded by Maria Dolores Uribe and Laura Abe Vettoretti with the idea of reclaiming a cultural and intellectual heritage shared by Latin American peoples – the name UNNO is inspired by the Spanish word...
Gallery ALL, MAD Martian Collection, Design Ma Yansong, Design Miami: 2017

Experimental collections at Gallery ALL

The vision of Gallery ALL concentrates on pièces uniques and limited editions in which experimentation becomes the true protagonist. Founded in 2014 by Yu Wang and Xiao Lu in Los Angeles and Beijing, the famous...
Carbonell Design Studio, Miami

The harmony of matter

In an exquisite formal balance where matter becomes inspiration, the limited editions of the artist and designer Vivian Carbonell are an ode to contemporary elegance and a kind of luxury that is never ostentatious....
Skin Background