Reality and the metaverse in the MCM Wearable Casa collection

Objects for a possible future in the MCM brand collection designed by Atelier Biagetti and curated by Maria Cristina Didero

Chatty Sofa MCM Wearable Casa collection

Presented at Palazzo Cusani during Milan Design Week 2024, the MCM Wearable Casa Collection is the new collection of objects by MCM, a German luxury brand founded in Munich in 1976, conceived by Atelier Biagetti and curated by Maria Cristina Didero.

Chair & Cube by MCM Wearable Casa collection

Inspired by the contemporary nomadic lifestyle and the spirit of the Bauhaus, the series consists of seven portable and multifunctional pieces that combine irony and originality. The collection goes beyond the simple functionality of objects, transporting the public to a new imaginary world: the project, in fact, develops on two levels, reality and metaverse.

TATAMU Sofa by MCM Wearable Casa collection

The exhibition was conceived as a hybrid space: on the one hand, the pieces exhibited in the rooms of Palazzo Cusani, on the other, the digital part consisting of a two-story environment with iridescent colours located in space. Here an avatar has the opportunity to explore this imaginary world and interact with the various products – seating, furnishing accessories, and accessories – which, in this case, have a different scale or shape from the original.

Pet-Backpack by MCM Wearable Casa collection

MCM and Atelier Biagetti have created a collection that embodies the spirit of a digital nomadic lifestyle, increasingly embraced by Generation Z. “The feeling we want to recreate is something you’ve never seen before, a place between past, present and future. An experience to live and discover a new world from a subjective perspective as in a video game…” say Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari of Atelier Biagetti.

Clepsydra-Lanterns byb MCM Wearable Casa collection

“The MCM Wearable Casa Collection by Atelier Biagetti is the ultimate narrative device to take objects to the next level. Through ironic and original design associations and visual short circuits, the concept of carrying a piece of home with you not only reflects the essence of travel, but also embodies the lifestyle of a digital nomad”, confirms Maria Cristina Didero.

Planet Medium MCM Wearable Casa collection
Planet Big by MCM Wearable Casa collection