Seagoing experience

Adam Tihany
Seabourn Ovation “Fundamentally, hospitality is about people.” Simple, direct, immediate, in terms of thinking and creative action, exempt from surplus and redundancy, but steeped in subtle, penetrating taste to bring the senses alive, leaving an indelible mark. Whether it’s hospitality on dry land or on the sea, Adam Tihany’s approach answers all the questions: how best to take care of...

Made and IBM for the digitalization of SMB

La realtà virtuale di Made
To support technological innovation of Italian manufacturers: this is the goal that in 2019 led to the creation of Made, a digital factory at the service of businesses. A counterpart that provides knowledge, methods and tools, from design to engineering, organization to production and delivery, all the way to management of the end of the life cycle of products. A...

At Dom Edizioni: like being at home

Dom Edizioni
Facing the church of San Marco, on the first floor of a mid-century building, Dom Edizioni opens a new, intimate and refined space in which to welcome architects and decorators. Large vaulted windows, high ceilings and stuccowork form an elegant setting for six large rooms, four of which are entirely set aside for the creations of the company, for a total...

Roda, timeless open-air conviviality

Levante by Roda, Design Piero Lissoni
Roda takes a pathway whose destination is constantly shifted forward, into the future. The gaze is aimed at new, even loftier goals, while the pace is set by lucid thinking in a very precise vision. To create the best conditions for personal wellbeing, to encourage sharing with loved ones and friends, to reconcile nature and nurture in full enjoyment...

The colors that take us into space

Cement Mexican by Iris Ceramica with Diesel Living
Spotlight on the great technological and scientific discoveries that will revolutionize (it’s already happening) the conquest of space, with the support of big international tycoons, from Elon Musk to Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson. This Story narrates the innate desire of human beings to go beyond familiar limits, especially those of space and speed; a desire we are seeing...

Wood is jazz

Privée by Annamaria Seminara, Maria Francesca Cicirielli
Free, elusive surfaces, daring patterns, lively colors for facings, furnishings and paneling like works of art. These are the winning projects in the IdeasxWood by Tabu, a brand specialized in dyed wood with headquarters in Cantù, in collaboration with Carpanelli, and with the support of ADI, FederlegnoArredo and FSC® Italia, aimed at university students and designers under 40. The participants were...

A new home for baseball

WBSC, Pully, Switzerland - Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
Opened in July at Pully, Switzerland, a few kilometers from Lausanne, the new headquarters of the World Baseball Softball Confederation – WBSC – has immediately been a challenge. That of a single architectural gesture capable of tracing back through the history of these sports, but with an eye on the future. The architect Enrico Muscioni rises to the occasion...

‘La Bella Vita’ in Taiwan

La Bella Vita, Taiwan
Owner/Developer: Continental Development CorporationArchitecture & Interior design: Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel (ACPV)Furnishings: B&B Italia, Flexform, Maxalto, Technogym, VitraKitchens: ArclineaLighting: Lasvit, Lightyears A/S, ViabizzunoPhoto credits: Studio Millspace, Yuchen Zao Italian style, perfectly connected to the city. This is ‘La Bella Vita’, a skyscraper created by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel (ACPV) that blends Made in Italy with oriental influences, putting the needs...

View over the bay

941 North Venetian Drive, Miami Beach
Architectural Project: ThirlwallInterior Design Project: Minotti MiamiBathrooms: Dornbracht, TotoKitchen: PoliformPhoto credits: Kris Tamburello The lot purchased in 2015 by the real estate investors Eduardo Otaola, Rodrigo Diaz and Eduardo Lucca is part of a dense array of luxury residences on Biscayne Island, Miami Beach, crossed by North Venetian Drive, with private frontage of 30 meters on the bay. The rational...

Sunac · Grand Milestone Modern Art Center

Sunac · Grand Milestone Modern Art Center, Xi'an, China - Photo © Ting Wang
Sunac · Grand Milestone Modern Art Center is the volume of 5500 square meters that has ‘landed’ at the highest point of Leyouyuan, near the botanical garden of Xi'an. The interior design by CCD takes its futuristic principles from the architecture of GAD to accompany a world of imagination, art and poetry.
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