Brazil in Milan

Last April, coinciding with the Milan Design Week, the Lombard capital welcomed the opening of the first European flagship store of the Brazilian brand Ornare, known for its high-end custom furnishings

Ornare, Palazzo Gallarati, Milano

The new Ornare location has made its home in the heart of the prestigious Fashion Quadrilateral, within the iconic Palazzo Gallarati on Via Manzoni, transforming a space of 450 square meters into a temple of design and timeless elegance.

Under the creative guidance of Murillo Schattan, the Milanese Ornare store highlighted the Timeless Collection, a symbol of the brand’s craftsmanship and innovation. Alongside it, the Colette 2024 line was unveiled, giving enthusiasts and professionals in the field a preview of what will define future trends in luxury furnishing. The opening event marked a significant step forward for Ornare in its international expansion process, strengthening its presence on a global scale and aiming to captivate a discerning European audience passionate about design.

The importance of merging luxury furniture with contemporary art was emphasized by the “Art All Around” project, born from the collaboration with art consultant Marina Conde. This initiative transformed the showroom into a living art gallery, involving renowned artists and galleries from both Brazil and the international scene, and establishing an innovative dialogue between different forms of creative expression.

This new location in the Lombard capital confirms Ornare’s commitment to excellence and sustainability, promoting furnishing solutions that embrace fine materials and innovative design. With the opening of its showroom in Milan, Ornare expands its horizons, positioning itself as a point of reference for those seeking in design a fusion of beauty, functionality, and art.