Elite by Elie Saab Maison, Design Carlo Colombo
Elite by Elie Saab Maison, Design Carlo Colombo

The charm of haute couture for the collections of Elie Saab Maison. The line of furnishings, in fact, reprises all of the refined sensuality of the runway shows created by the Lebanese fashion designer, translated into a total look for contemporary interior design. There are all the ingredients of the Elie Saab style: elegance, femininity, cosmopolitan inspirations drawn from two cities – Paris and Beirut – where he has his ateliers, and a remarkable focus on the 1960s and 1970s. These distinctive features, combined with the design vision of the architect Carlo Colombo who oversees the home furnishings line, give rise to a collection of impeccable taste, in atmospheres that blend scents of the Middle East and suggestions of Art Deco.

The materials are rich and precious, the lines sinuous and organic. Traits that stand out forcefully in the upholstered furniture systems, including sofas, armchairs and chaises longues. Visual and tactile comfort formulate an explicit invitation to welcome and share, in an ode to freedom of seating expressed in curved, never rigid profiles, open and mutable compositions, thanks to the multiplicity of the available elements and combinations.

Palace by Elie Saab Maison, Design Carlo Colombo

Elite by Elie Saab Maison, Design Carlo Colombo

One good example of the concept is the Elite love seat, accompanied by the armchair of the same name, a timeless classic in which the curved design sets the tone, underlining the ideal behind the piece: an enveloping island to meet and gather, as in a soft embrace. The crafted touch is a must-have detail, with the border in leather or a brushed gold or bronze metal finish.

A similar approach can be seen in the Joelle chair, a niche that provides a ‘cocoon’ effect. Thanks to this DNA, the seating elements by Elie Saab Maison encourage interaction, both inside the family and in informal convivial gatherings. Spaces with different functions, where sophisticated hospitality becomes a leitmotif, can naturally welcome the upholstered furnishings of the brand: from lounge areas to living rooms, bedroom suites to luxurious home cinemas, the collections of Elie Saab Maison are not just furnishings, but the ‘immobile motor’ of emotions.

Joelle by Elie Saab Maison, Design Carlo Colombo

Imperial by Elie Saab Maison, Design Carlo Colombo

Thus the sofas like Imperial – marked by a metal part that wraps the volumes, with exceptional seat depth and the possibility of inserting a chaise longue – or like Palace, a work of décor architecture that accurately interprets the typical stylistic features of Middle Eastern palaces. Both sofas are ideal for living areas.

More secluded lounge areas call for solutions like Monolith, a sofa based on refined craftsmanship that adds an Art Deco decorative motif, generating an unusual wave; but also Virgule, another original expression of modernist form, ready to be accessorized with a small table inside the composition.

Monolith by Elie Saab Maison, Design Carlo Colombo

Virgule by Elie Saab Maison, Design Carlo Colombo

Byblos by Elie Saab Maison, Design Carlo Colombo

The maximum representation of the brand’s concept of comfort and softness is Byblos, a sofa with ample volumes and abundant padding that seems to reach out from the metal structure that frames it. The name comes from one of the world’s most ancient cities, located near Beirut, the city of birth of Elie Saab. The fashion designer offers many aspects of his culture and traditions through the Maison line, including the taste for sartorial refinement, based on quality manufacturing and crafts, entirely Made in Italy.