A fragile balance

With the “Under the Surface” installation, set up by Salone del Mobile.Milano between pavilions 6 and 10 at the International Bathroom Exhibition, Accurat, Emiliano Ponzi, and Design Group Italia guided visitors to discover the fundamental importance of global water resources

“Under the Surface”, Accurat, Emiliano Ponzi and Design Group Italia.

Within a scenery reminiscent of a submerged island, visitors were submerged in an immersive experience, co-created by Accurat, Emiliano Ponzi, and Design Group Italia to unveil the deep bond between humans and the planet’s water resources, moving through underwater scenarios where lights and shadows intertwined with statistical data on the management of global water resources. Visual materials, such as schools of fish and water bubbles, symbolically represented data on the availability of fresh water and its consumption, inviting reflection on the fragile balance we maintain with our planet.

“Beyond the aesthetic aspect and sensory immersion, Under the Surface served an educational and awareness-raising purpose,” explains Gabriele Rossi, founder, along with Simone Quadri, Giorgia Lupi, and Paolo Labbozzetta, of Accurat, the Milanese studio based in New York that has established itself as a vanguard in data visualization. “Through the representation of data in the form of holograms and the aid of innovative techniques such as data sonification, visitors explored critical themes like the water cycle, responsible resource use, and water-saving technologies integrated into manufacturing processes.” The installation also had the merit of highlighting how, behind the elegant design of bathroom furnishings, lie advanced technologies and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Simone Quadri
Gabriele Rossi

The conveyed message was unequivocal: technological progress and innovative design can and must go hand in hand with environmental sustainability. The submerged island thus becomes a powerful symbol, a reminder of our collective responsibility for a more conscious use of water.