Hide&Seek Door by Gallotti & Radice, design Pietro Russo
Hide&Seek Door by Gallotti & Radice, design Pietro Russo

New collections bring even more charm to the House of Gallotti&Radice and in keeping with the company’s philosophy, the new pieces fit seamlessly with the stylistic narrative of the brand with its ongoing pursuit of superior quality in terms of both materials and details, articulated in a series of harmonious and embracing forms. The result is furniture that conveys a refined atmosphere; warm and sensory with a heightened sense of equilibrium and extreme comfort. Representing this domestic ideal is the new H20 chair designed by Studiopepe: a “furnishing jewel” whose small size holds within it enormous softness. Completely covered in fabric or leather, the chair already looks like a reassuring embrace: a sensation emphasised by the jubilant curves of its design and the resulting play of solids and voids.

H2O by Gallotti&Radice,
design Studiopepe

The search for new tactile sensations is then made tangible in two table proposals that bring together materials that are both unusual and innovative. Starting with the Re-Verre Table, designed by Federica Biasi. This mono-material table has been made with recycled glass in the colours beige “sable” or grey “roche” using a handcrafted technique that makes each product unique and gives the surface a porous and three-dimensional effect, different and personal each time.

Re-verre Table by Gallotti&Radice, design Federica Biasi

Selce-T by Gallotti&Radice, design Studiopepe

This is followed by Selce-T, a table designed by Studiopepe created with the application of natural stone dust by hand with a spatula technique. As with Re-Verre, also here the manufacturing method makes this piece of furniture a one-off piece, whose colours – available in “bruciato” and “crema” – can taken on unique and changing tones with a decidedly artistic effect.

Another new product, the Sensei desk, takes the idea of material combinations to an even higher level: this interior architecture designed by Tollgard + Castellani, skilfully combines a structure in metal, a top in “deep black” lacquered wood, a back in ash, culminating in a wooden top covered in bevelled glass in the exclusive “Rosso Marte” finish, or gloss painted on the back in a variety of colours.

Sensei by Gallotti&Radice, design Tollgard + Castellani

Hide&Seek Door by Gallotti&Radice,
design Pietro Russo

Hide&Seek Mini by Gallotti&Radice,
design Pietro Russo

The Hide&Seek container by Pietro Russo meanwhile is all about curves and in the new collection has evolved into two new elements: Hide&Seek Door, that adds a revolving half-cylinder in lacquered wood (gloss or matt) to the structure with shelves and doors, and Hide&Seek Mini, that captures the essence of the line, also characterised by the revolving cylinder.