Magis, 40 years of innovation

The fountain of youth remains a mystery, but Magis seems to have discovered it.Though it has reached its 40th birthday, it maintains the energy and vivacity that have distinguished it from day one.

The characteristics of this brand shine through its most representative products, created by forward looking collaborations with epic designers Marcel Wanders, Konstantin Grcic and Ronan&Erwan Bouroullec. They are on display at the Clerkenwell, Design Week, which was inaugurated yesterday.

A Design Fields protagonist (stand SF4a), this company founded by Eugenio Perazza advocates versatility in materials, product range, inspiration and manufacturing techniques. The wrought iron characterising the Officina collection alternates with the plastics of the Milà collection, used for the first time by Jaime Hayón; Hayón  was inspired by the elastic, dynamic  modernism of Catalan modernist design to create a chair rich in movement and expression, which immediately took its place as a timeless icon. Officina  is a collection created by Ronan&Erwan Bouroullec, combining daily objects with time honoured wrought iron-processed with anvil and hammer; the table, chair, stool and candelabra-sculpture (in multiple versions) were selected for Clerkenwell. On the other hand, Ettore  is made from cast iron: it is not a chair, table or accessory and it is not a line of products either; in fact, Ettore  is a mule.

In celebration of the brand’s birthday, the founder Perazza commissioned Kostantin Grcic to design the symbol that has represented the company for 40 years, this being none other than the mule. “It is beautiful, lovable and playful. Just like Magis,” says the designer.

Eero Aarnio’s  Happy Birds also take their inspiration from the animal kingdom. With this project, the designer recounts his own story in Veikkola, Norway, where the local fauna is a constant in Aarnio’s life.

Last but not least, Troy and Substance, the chairs created respectively by Wanders and Naoto Fukasawa­  are also featured at Design Fields; the former is presented with legs in an expanded range of colours and materials (white, chrome, copper, wood). Fukasawa has created a “sustainable” piece, with curved details imparting an air of freshness.