Jewel CalacattaBlack Maxfine by FMG

With this in mind, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti has created Jewel, a finish that is the perfect synthesis of craftsmanship and technical innovation, combining aesthetic impact with an important design value, a combination that can give scenic accents to any room. 

The name itself suggests the vocation and the characteristics of this new proposal, which, like a rare jewel, radiates a precious and refined aura, reinventing natural stones and taking them to a new dimension of beauty. Thanks to Jewel, the veins of the marbles are enriched with crystal applications for a three-dimensional effect that shines with magic, while the new textures unfold as in an unexpected and surprising kaleidoscope.

With its characteristics, it is an expression of charm and refinement, a detail aimed at bringing out the material. Every vein, every chromatic nuance is enhanced by the play of transparencies, creating a visual depth that makes the surface alive and vital. 

To celebrate its value, the brand wanted to propose two Classic Marbles, Ocean Storm MaxFine and Calacatta Black MaxFine, which, with the new finish, are the perfect expression of a sumptuous ideal and of refined and exclusive elements. With its fragments of different colors and sizes, Ocean Storm MaxFine is an ode to nature, to the creative power of the earth. 

Light grays and blues mingle with browns, ivory textures and soft oranges, with irregular shapes and prominent veins, all enhanced by the Jewel finish. The result is a dynamic and appealing visual experience, an aesthetic combination of contrasts that makes spaces welcoming and enveloping. In parallel, we find Calacatta Black MaxFine, a proposal with a strong emotional impact thanks to the dualism between the dark black background with brown shadows and the white and grey veins, which give the rooms a touch of understated and contemporary luxury. 

A versatile proposal, with a stylistic language endowed with a strong personality, which sees its uniqueness enhanced precisely thanks to the Jewel finish. A detail aimed at enriching these marbles, enhancing their veining by means of crystals capable of giving three-dimensionality and brilliance to emphasize the mysterious and ancient soul of marble.