PJ.Lobster, Barcelona
PJ.Lobster, Barcelona

We’re in Barcelona, in the sophisticated district of El Born, at number 18 Fossar de les Moreres, not far from the cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar. This is where the digital company Project Lobster has opened a physical store. Flanked since its debut in 2018 by the design firm El Departamento, the company that has enlivened the world of eyewear and is now going through an overall evolution has decided to consolidate both e-commerce and the channel of physical sales.

The studio helmed by Alberto Eltini and Marina Martín has completed a painstaking project of total redesign within the universe of the brand, starting with the compression of its name – now PJ.Lobster. The new boutique has been conceived as a pilot, from which to spread a new commercial offering that will expand in the months to come with new venues in Spain. The aesthetic language of the space is convincing, though expressed in just 40 square meters. The fulcrum of the project is based on the contrast between the stainless steel of the display fixtures, the rugged materiality of the stucco on the walls, and the chromatic palette dominated by faded green, conveying a sense of comfort and tranquility. The overall atmosphere suggests the imaginary of a sophisticated, clinical space, capable of narrating the technical expertise and care pertaining to the brand.

The designers have played with matter, its scale and its definition. They have taken inspiration from “Powers of Ten,” the short documentary written and directed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1977, narrating an iconic voyage across different scales: from a picnic by the lake in Chicago to the outer reaches of the universe. With this movement from macro to micro, Eltini and Martín have created an interior with a vivid personality.

The high-tech character of the space is enhanced by the shelving, where the products are placed on view in a simple, direct way. The contrast stems from the central unit, rounded and imposing, which dominates the main space at the entrance to the store. Further on, the second of the store features a dynamic cabinet, closed with a curved curtain in green vegan leather, to separate the spaces with delicacy while guaranteeing privacy. Each area has been conceived to serve customers in a personalized way: from the display of products to the more intimate zones for eye exams, equipped with optical measurement tools.