TM Italia opens an atelier in Kiev

The company opens its first monobrand atelier in the Ukraine capital: 120 square meters, divided into four kitchen settings

Atelier monobrand TM Italia a Kiev
Atelier monobrand TM Italia in Kiev

TM Italia inaugurates the world’s first mono-brand atelier in Kiev, Ukraine on the second floor of the large Domosfera mall at Stolichnoe Highway 101. The atelier is opened in partnership with Dominio, one of the leading Ukrainian distributors of high-end Italian furniture.

The 120 square meters of space have been designed with the objective of offering customers an engaging experience with the brand, its philosophy and the infinite possibilities for customisation.
A multi-media installation on the wall at the front in the entrance welcomes the visitor by
presenting the brand, its high level of artisanal craftsmanship, and attention to detail. A
selection of some of the most important projects completes the presentation, demonstrating TM Italia’s ability to carry out highly complex projects as a result of its strong design culture.

Cucina D90, Atelier monobrand Kiev
Cucina D90, Atelier monobrand Kiev

Four kitchen spaces interpret the variety of solutions, materials, finishes and colours.
To the right of the entrance, the linear D90 kitchen evokes Italian ambiance with its refined
materials, uncommon olive wood essence for doors and fronts, and Bianco Carrara
marble for tops, backrests and basins, assembled to design. Its flagship features as well
as refined and subtle finishes complete the composition.

T45, Atelier monobrand Kiev
T45, Atelier monobrand Kiev

On the opposite side, a solution with an island and columns that harmoniously link the
T45 and D90 kitchens. The combination of the grey stoneware of the island doors and
top with the Noce Canaletto of the column doors and the island’s overhanging snack top
create an elegant and balanced atmosphere. The retractable doors and the extractable
stainless steel worktop are designed to hide work areas in open and multi-functional

Continuing towards the back of the space, the visitor encounters Rua, designed by Ruadelpapavero, a composition of columns with a large central island. The oak doors of the
base units, characterised by asymmetrical, three-dimensional woodwork, blend with the
retractable Belgian Scannellato glass doors of the columns and the Ardoise stoneware
worktop that incorporates a basin from the same material. The columns are fitted with a
small wine cooler, oak wine cabinets and wineglass holders.

Cucina Rua, Atelier monobrand Kiev
Rua kitchen, Atelier monobrand Kiev

The last kitchen presented, T45, has an L-shaped composition that enables the available
spaces to be optimised without sacrificing functionality and elegance. The doors of the
bases and wall units are lacquered oxidised copper and contrast with the worktop in Perla
quartz and the panelling in brown-stained oak. The columns are a textured brown wood.
“The opening of our first mono-brand space represents the consolidation of our business
relationship with Dominio, a prestigious and renowned partner with whom we have been
working for several years,” stated Gianluca Tondi, General Manager of TM Italia. “It is also
a very important step in the strategy for the brand’s international expansion that we
began in a structured manner in 2019.”

Collaborations with Ukrainian architects to complete successful projects, which have been
under way for several years, mark an expansion strategy in the context of “good design”
and the “culture of uniqueness”.