Six living solutions by Marac

Marac, landmark for over 40 years (born in 1970) in the scenario of contemporary furniture, couldn’t miss the date with imm Cologne.

The second generation follows in the footsteps of the father choices with products that are characterized by elegance and rich, noble materials: solid ash wood, fabrics and leathers, to define a high-quality and recognizable style, the style of Marac.

Three sofas (Aster, Savoy and Lario), 2 easy chairs (Mariette and Numa) and the Sofy bench represent Marac’s efforts to present to the German market (the most important) customized solutions a demanding, high-end audience.

The modularity and the important size of the Savoy sofa, the freshness and the classicism of the Aster bench dedicated to small spaces and the eclecticism of the "bench not bench" of Lario illustrate Marac’s ability in designing and planning large spaces, but also residential abodes of small dimensions.

Mariette and Numa easy chairs conceal a refined process of product engineering that includes the invisible integration of wood and fabrics.

Last but not least the Sofy sofa-bench (designed by Idelfonso Colombo), a bench conceived and built for the German market that appreciates this type of product.