Don Giovanni by Fornasetti

A special tribute to Mozart’s work, the Don Giovanni limited edition not only borrows its name from the artist creations, but also evokes the themes and iconography of his vast archive in a vast array of furniture pieces, porcelain, and accessories that create a bridge between the surrealistic view of the Milan-based Atelier and the Austrian genius.
Presented this morning in the Milanese store in Corso Venezia, the debut was anticipated by a world premiere at London’s Harrods department store in September. Even before, in the winter of 2016, the creative project started. The collection is the second stage, the theatrical production by Fornasetti of Mozart’s masterpiece, The Rake Punished, namely Don Giovanni.

The creative inspiration for the new collection is the visual universe that emerged from this encounter. The decorations are taken from the stage sets of the Fornasetti version of Don Giovanni and reference its main themes: women’s faces, hands that proffer or possess, masks, jugglers skilfully using sleight of hand and surreal forests reminding us of the dark side of Don Giovanni, the legendary provocateur and seducer.

The collection comprises a variety of pieces, including limited edition furniture items, accessories and chinaware. Cilindro, Tamburo and Vetrina are containers distinguished by their cylindrical form and their all-round decoration; the sinuously shaped chair uses the silhouette of Don Giovanni; the screen, like a theatre wing, manages to transform the visual temperature of the surrounding space; while various accessories such as trays, magazine racks and paper baskets as well as plates, vases and other porcelain and glass table decorations complete the series.