Minotti in Kobe: the soul of Japan

One of the great Made in Italy brands is strengthening its presence in the Far East with a new flagship store. In a city that is a symbol of cosmopolitanism and a new reference point for luxury and fashion

Minotti Kobe by Sukeno showroom

The space, the brand’s fourth monobrand store in the country, was created in collaboration with local partner Sukeno and is located in the prestigious district of Former Foreign Settlement, where Western aesthetics blend seamlessly with Japanese tradition. Spanning two levels over a total area of 420 square meters, Minotti Kobe by Sukeno is characterized by a unique concept inspired by Zen minimalism. The project, curated by Minotti Studio, plays on the duality of solids and voids, light and shadow, creating a refined and elegant atmosphere.

The façade, with its full-height windows and alternating wengé wood and satin-finish steel, invites visitors to enter a sophisticated world. On the ground floor, the warm and welcoming ambiance is characterized by an interplay of material and chromatic contrasts: wood, steel, concrete, and a color palette ranging from brown to gray. The exhibition path winds through the latest collections and bestsellers signed by internationally renowned designers such as Rodolfo Dordoni and Nendo. A staircase illuminated by lightboxes leads to the first floor, where a large open space houses living and sleeping areas, bathed in natural light filtering through the windows.

Minotti Kobe by Sukeno presents itself as a harmonious space, meticulously curated down to the smallest detail, an authentic interpretation of the Minotti world that combines the excellence of Made in Italy with Japanese aesthetic sensibility. It’s a new point of reference for a sophisticated clientele with a passion for quality design.