Savio Firmino interpreter of Florentine creativity

The perfect alchemy between artisanal tradition and elegant Florentine creativity, combined with a constant focus on contemporary design: this is the secret of  Savio Firmino’s success, a company now being run by the third generation of the family.  We have asked Gregorio Savio – Marketing Manager – to talk to us about the changes affecting the world of classical furnishing.

How much importance do you attribute to your origins?

Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, hosts some of the most beautiful artworks in the world which provide us with a constant source of inspiration, no matter whether we are designers, woodworkers, master craftsmen or interior decorators.  For this reason, we believe it is our duty to pay a tribute to our city by taking part in charity or cultural events organized by important local institutions such as the Meyer children’s hospital.

How has the concept of luxury furnishing changed?

The luxury market knows no crisis, and this also applies to furnishing.  However, the concept has changed and evolved down through the years by being updated and adapted to the new requirements of contemporary living. Each luxury item is synonymous with exquisite quality, products manufactured from prime raw materials that are accurately chosen and selected.

Which countries seek this sort of style today?

Markets and tastes evolve constantly. Russia and China have certainly given an enormous boost to the renewal of the classical style, but traditional markets such as America and Italy continue to show a strong attraction for this style of furnishing.  London, Paris, New York and the Cote d’Azur are highly responsive and interesting markets, where foreigners buy and furnish prestigious mansions and apartments.

Some markets which are important for your  business, such as Russia and China, have slowed down recently. Is there a way out of this situation?

In recent years, the economic world crisis and geopolitical issues in various parts of the planet have caused a deceleration in the economic, artistic and creative collaboration between our country and the two Euro-Asian giants.   

Unfortunately for Italy, international dynamics go beyond the interests of individual national economies or specific industries. I do believe, however, that each business enterprise must fully exploit the tools at its disposal to contrast changing equilibriums.  As I was saying, the luxury market knows no crisis but its customers, Russians and Chinese in particular, have become even more demanding and selective.  It is therefore necessary to constantly improve the competitiveness of one’s brand.

What future do you foresee for classical furnishing?

A home tastefully furnished in a classical style may at times be considered baroque or excessively decorative but it never goes out of fashion. On the contrary, it acquires greater value in the course of time. Classical furnishing has already survived crises in the past and will continue to do so. On condition that we understand the need to adapt it to contemporary living requirements and welcome a strong innovative impulse to define new forms, new concepts and new styles, on the grounds of classical and traditional precepts.  

How do you go about reaching new markets and new interlocutors?

The only possible strategy is to invest. To invest in products, in quality raw materials, professional partnerships and, finally, communication; in anything that may help to promote the Savio Firmino brand and the “made in Italy” label worldwide.

It may surprise you to learn that, despite the international and Italian economic situation of recent years, important structural investments have enabled our firm to constantly increase its production and to open direct branches and offices in various parts of the world.