Arboreal furniture for Smania

It is not the feeling of using a chair and a table or of turning on a lamp. It is the feeling of lying down on leaves, touching a bush and being caressed by the white light of the moon.
The outdoor collection by Smania and Alessandro La Spada is a pleasant, natural, idyllic, poetic and rural journey.

Every environment resembles a suspended ball, featuring enveloping forms and defined by material, thanks to its sartorial quality. The furniture immediately puts you at ease and invites you to spontaneously move among the weaves of the elements, on a painted aluminum structure, as though you were in a wood or flowering garden. Relax on the ribbon-upholstered Delos chair, enjoy a drink at the Skiathos table with its bronze crystal top, shelter beneath the hood of the Hydra armchair and take a break on the Evia chaise longue, which is woven with Ghiaccio ribbon and tastefully padded with beige Jumeirah cushions.
They are all light and delicate, even the Tahiti coffee tables, which feature teak wood and ‘whitewashed’ ceramic tops, completed by lamps and lanterns, in both floor and suspended (Chios) versions, and by EcoSun bronze (Cook) vases. The Ruby Carob, Blue Night, Bronze and Pearl finishes represent the pure charm of the company and designer, along with the vein details, which evoke the sinuous interplay of the vine shrubs.