Halo by Elie Saab Maison
Halo by Elie Saab Maison

A matter of affinity and a careful aptitude in satisfying the taste of a global, sophisticated and elegant clientele looking for something unique. It was only natural for the fashion designer Elie Saab, to extend his creativity into the world of furnishings. There are indeed many points of connection between fashion and design, especially in terms of values, lifestyle and know-how, fluidly shifting from one dimension to another. The sartorial quality of the haute couture collections, their innate elegance based on fine materials and workmanship, are also seen in the ELIE SAAB Maison line, applied to furniture and home décor. Then the encounter with the architect Carlo Colombo, the art director of ELIE SAAB Maison, has transformed a bold intuition into a project that today – just four years later – has given rise to complete collections that create settings for every environment, from living to dining to bedroom and office, kitchen and outdoors, and has spread into international markets thanks to single and multi-brand showroom openings in key countries, also through 15 residential projects implemented all over the world.

The secret is the quest for excellence in materials and labor, a combination that is inseparable in the philosophy of ELIE SAAB Maison. And the way to achieve it translates into collaboration with the best Italian craftsmen within a well-defined territory, that of Brianza, where design and planning have always been a defining feature of the district and its history. Numerous are the artisan realities with which the brand has woven solid relationships over time, such that it can guarantee the highest quality in workmanship, the utmost customization of each product to indulge customers’ desires. The manufacturing techniques, multiple and distinct in terms of skills, draw from ancient traditions, but are reinterpreted through the modern and innovative vision of Elie Saab and architect Colombo: a synergistic four-handed composition that offers surprising and emotional results every time.

Leathers, metals, marble, wood and fabric. Every noble material is carefully selected and crafts, conceived not only as a piece of furniture but investigated in the smallest compositional details, as if it were a precious work of art. Master leatherworkers shape the skins into small artifacts, brass is plated with bronze in keeping with the rules of an age-old tradition, wood is crafted to bring out the natural beauty of the species, while the marble is taken from quarries in Carrara or in the world, and then processed in Brianza.

Horizon by Elie Saab Maison

One full expression of this multiplicity of areas of expertise, all with an eye on craftsmanship, is the Horizon bookcase, the protagonist of the 2023 Portraits de Voyage collection. A “pièce de résistance that contains various types of sartorial prowess: bronze-plated brass for the arch structure that perfectly intersects with the curves of the wood, shelves covered with nabuk, a back with ELIE SAAB monogram printed leather, a marble base and the added technological feature of the lighting, with touch controls.

In stylistic terms, the piece is a tribute to the characteristic minimalism of Art Deco, an earmark of the brand, which in its creations frequently links back to this movement from the early 1900s, in a celebration and union of Parisian and Lebanese domestic hospitality, through a refined balance of luxurious finishes and intense shades – from neutrals to the most vibrant greens, burgundies, and blues.

Imperial by Elie Saab Maison

Obsidian by Elie Saab Maison

Pearl by Elie Saab Maison

The same appeal can be found in the Halo sofa, with sinuous, enveloping forms; or in the Obsidian table, a work of art for the living area, thanks to its impressive liquid metal base. The harmony continues in the lighting, with the new Pearl lamp: a large candelabrum composed of repeated geometric elements, with a constellation – like an antique jewel – of luminescent pearls.

Finally, the elegance of the line extends into the open air, with the debut of the Ehden outdoor collection, where woven metal structures seem to imitate the sinuous movements of the branches of an age-old tree.  The ideal of home transcends all living frameworks, without barriers, with a distinctive “tailor-made” beauty and products that become its absolute protagonists.

Ehden by Elie Saab Maison