Patricia Urquiola portrait - Photo © Matteo Imbriani

Spaces take on fluidity, the boundaries between them get blurry, while imagination and personalization become prioritized requirements for the creation of increasingly innovative projects in homes and other settings. The kitchen, the living area, the bedroom and even the bathroom become a single large stage, where the players go from being simple useful objects to true expressions of design. This is the outlook behind the collaboration between the internationally acclaimed designer Patricia Urquiola and Signature Kitchen Suite, the premium built-in appliance brand of LG. The result is the creation of striking cabinets for the Undercounter convertible refrigerator.

With Mantle an everyday object like a refrigerator becomes a décor icon, transformed into a pretext through which to shape a veritable work of art, evolving into a piece with sculptural forms and nuances of craftsmanship, where repeating shapes generate refined and elegant visual effects – a dynamic fusion of color and material that gives rise to unique solutions full of character. Like a precious chest ready to reveal unusual and unexpected treasures, Mantle comes with an exclusive cladding in Cimento tiles created by the designer – in the variations Vanilla, Blue, Burgundy, Green, Sand – and with refined finishes in natural or stained wood.

Essential and versatile, the Undercounter convertible refrigerator by Signature Kitchen Suite offers two personalized convertible drawers, while the cabinet comes in three modular versions for combination with additional storage spaces, revealing an ulterior level of customization. The aesthetic concept evolves to become the expression of a beauty that is synonymous with quality, while guaranteeing high levels of performance.

From a technical standpoint, the refrigerator features an inner facing in stainless steel, to combine hygiene and functionality, while the drawers are outfitted with a self-closing mechanism for practical automatic operation. The possibility of regulating the unit at different temperatures and of converting the lower drawer for use as a freezer makes this model perfect for the conservation of foods and beverages, but also for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Innovation and technology join forces to ensure exceptional energy efficiency, fostering responsible use of materials while guaranteeing reduction of environmental impact.