A tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright

Inspired by the architect’s architecture and ideals, Steelcase’s new collection was unveiled at NeoCon

Frank Lloyd Wright Rockford + Galesburg Collections by Steelcase

In Chicago, the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright is everywhere. The magnificent Rookery Light Court, originally designed by Burnham and Root and redesigned by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1905. The Unity Temple, a Unitarian Universalist church that has been active for over 100 years and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Meyer May House, 1908, Grand Rapids, Michigan

And then the striking Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, designed for his family and work team. To his influence on the city’s architecture and the most exclusive residences in the Oak Park neighborhood – Frank Thomas House, Heurtley House, Cheney House, Furbeck House and others.

Frank Lloyd Wright Rockford + Galesburg Collections by Steelcase

This atmosphere has positively infected Steelcase, which has been inspired by and pays tribute to the master’s legacy with a new furniture collection that reflects the values and architectural forms dear to him. In collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, the Frank Lloyd Wright Rockford and Galesburg collections were created to reflect the architect’s progressive vision in home furnishings.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Racine Collection by Steelcase

The collections were previewed at NeoCon alongside the Frank Lloyd Wright Racine Collection: Steelcase’s modern yet faithful reinterpretation of the classic furniture Wright designed for the S.C. Johnson Administration Building in 1939 – now also housed at the Art Institute of Chicago.