Reel Collection by Amphora

It made its debut on the international stage during the latest Milano Design Week, immediately displaying a strong, structured identity with deep roots. Amphora, the neo-brand generated by the entrepreneurial flair of the Ponsi siblings – Rocco, Silvia and Fabio – relies on this family’s expertise: 90 years of knowledge and productive heritage in the field of faucets. “A couple of years ago,” says Rocco Ponsi, one of the founders of the brand, “we decided to continue with our family’s tradition, dating back to 1935. We had a technical project in mind that would formulate premium products at affordable prices, with a focus on sustainability and innovation, to the extent that they are permitted by the sector. 

We needed an expert touch to translate our ideas into reality, so we turned to Romano and Niccolò of Studio Adolini, after meeting them during a Salone del Mobile. They have collaborated with various important brands, including Ethimo, Quadro, Flaminia and Boffi, among others.

The result is Reel, a collection of progressive mixers, hot and cold water taps, single-control mixers, thermostatic mixers, showers and accessories with coordinated design, where heritage joins forces with modernity.” The forms of Reel have been reduced to the essence, and the pure lines determine the style of the collection. The perfection of the circle is the common denominator in all the various pieces, emphasized by continuous vertical milling in the area of the grip – a functional and simultaneously decorative detail. The outer parts of Reel are in 316 stainless steel, the noblest of all metal alloys: non-oxidizable, antibacterial, indestructible.

The surfaces are then brushed by hand to provide a soft tactile effect, offering a vivid multisensory experience. Or they have a PVD finish in the colors black and copper, respectively for an elegant or a retro look. “We were called in to design the first Amphora product, to make it fully represent the spirit of a new productive identity in terms of technological innovation, design and sustainability,” Romano Adolini explains. 

“Reel represents the result of a process of reduction to the essence of the faucet, activated through the subtraction of parts to arrive at a pure, iconic figure, where water remains the main focus.” Steel is synonymous with sustainability, a key value in Amphora’s production, perceptible starting with the material choices and the incorporated technology, which offers savings of hydric resources for an aware, responsible use of water. The Reel taps generate a soft, linear flow, thanks to the combined effect of the slightly recessed aerator and the flow limiter. Furthermore, all the handles of the taps and mixers use the ColdStart function, which minimizes energy consumption, preventing unwanted use of hot water.

Finally, sustainability is also a characteristic of the production. Amphora products are made entirely in Italy by certified companies, with a commitment to respect social and environmental standards. The materials utilized are non-toxic, the surface finish technologies are zero discharge; all the materials are totally free of lead, and the scrap from production is completely recycled. Every item has been designed to be in tune with the environment and with its users, to create a new vision of wellbeing that starts with people and spreads out into the world.