Wabi Sabi by Perennials and Sutherland, design Eugeni Quitllet
Wabi Sabi by Perennials and Sutherland, design Eugeni Quitllet

With forceful reminders of the beauty of imperfection theorized in Japanese aesthetics, Wabi Sabi, the new collection of fabrics, rugs and outdoor furnishings by Perennials and Sutherland, pivots around the idea that objects can take on personality with the passage of time, with use and wear. The collection features textures, motifs and forms that suggest authenticity based on impressions of life over time.

In this spirit, the collection of 100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics offers four new patterns – Arigato, Kikko, Paper Crane and Sake Stripe – and 19 color variants that take their cue from nature. Based on traditional Japanese Shashiko stitching, Arigato is a jacquard fabric resembling handmade embroidery, making its debut in eight colors, including Balsamic and RaspberryPaper Crane, on the other hand, is a reversible monochrome jacquard of medium size. In five color options, this fabric has a motif that suggests the forms of a paper crane.

The last jacquard of the collection, available in four variations, is Kikko, which stands out for its multicolored design and hexagonal motif, a Japanese symbol of good fortune. In a rustic reinterpretation of a striped pattern, Perennials and Sutherland presents Sake Stripe, a delicate chenille strip in multiple hues that generates a shaded tonal effect. Sake Stripe comes in six chromatic solutions, including Rose All Day, Sunstruck and Jasmine. Particularly versatile and ready for personalization, Tatami and Taki are the two new carpets launched by the Dallas-based company.

With a design in high and low pile that brings depth to spaces, Taki is a carpet made with Tibetan knotting and hand-mixed colors, for a degrade striped effect; while Tatami, made with cords of perennial plants for an overall organic look, features a subtle rhomboid motif. Wabi Sabi also reissues Cascade, one of the most successful Perennials rugs. Made with Tibetan knotting, the carpet now comes in a new version with an soft oblong form.

But Wabi Sabi is not only about fabrics and rugs. The creative director Eugeni Quitllet has designed outdoor furnishings in teak and aluminium, as vehicles with which to play with the forms created by light and shadows. The collection contains two chairs, two sofas, an ottoman and a table.

Wabi Sabi Lounge Chair by Sutherland, design Eugeni Quitllet

Wabi Sabi Lounge Chair highlights the intersection of the components through a balanced structure. The chair is accompanied by the ottoman that functions as its natural extension. With their simple, essential design, the Four Seat Sofa and Three Seat Sofa complete the set, along with the Wabi Sabi Coffee Table.

The masterpiece of this outdoor range is undoubtedly the Wabi Sabi Great Lounge Chair, with a slim reinforced structure – available in teak or aluminium – which intersects with an ample teak seat. “For me, this collection is the vision of the void between the materials – says Eugeni Quitllet, creative director of Sutherland. –  Wabi Sabi Outdoor challenges the material, creating a perfect balance between the volumes.”

Wabi Sabi Great Lounge Chair by Sutherland, design Eugeni Quitllet