Fantini’s pop style seduces New York

Designed by award-winning company Thun & Rodriguez, the Nice handle has won the Editors’ Award of ICFF for the Kitchen and Bathroom section (the award categories are 11), prize assigned by a top-notch jury this year by Sheila Kim (Architzer), Paul Makovsky (Metropolis), Melissa Feldman (Stroll Productions), Annie Block (Interior Design) and Dan Howarth (Dezeen).

In New York, home to one of pop art fathers such as Roy Lichenstein, the colorful soul of Nice was conceived by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez as a tribute to “I Balocchi”, the historic collection of Fantini that has left an enduring imprint in the world of design.

The Nice knob (cylindrical and made in methacrylate) is available in a series of bold colors, but it also features transparencies that evoke the water, for a soft and lively whole, an easy and practical maneuverability aimed to obtain a final result that speaks the language of modernity.