Micelio by Neutra, design Atelier oï

Matter as you’ve never seen it. NEUTRA‘s intention is to overturn the point of observation. Indeed provide a totally unique and unprecedented one. A physical and virtual journey directly into the body of marbles, stones and metals to grasp their unknown qualities and value, transferred inevitably into the brand’s furnishings by the creativity of its designers. It is with this innovative mode that NEUTRA presents its new collections during Milan Design Week 2024, within the equally innovative MEET Digital Culture Center, the International Center for Art and Digital Culture recognized as a museum by Regione Lombardia.

The intricate installation ‘To the edge of matter. An unforgettable journey’ curated by Migliore+Servetto, art directors of the brand, introduces and accompanies the viewer along a landscape narrative that unfolds in five visual and aural scenarios. Here eight designers interpret the vision of the company with furniture for the living and bathroom areas.

Islas by Neutra, design Draw Studio

Branch by Neutra, design Zaha Hadid Architects

It begins, on the ground floor, with a dynamic overview dilated on 9 screens, focusing on fragments and details of the material that accompany Erosion Collection by Zaha Hadid Architects: the Minera table and Branch console, both carved from a single piece of Carrara marble, celebrate the fluid forms that express the natural effect of erosion, masterfully shaped by delicate workmanship.

On the first floor, the New Marble Landscapes gallery explores marble, layer by layer, in its organic permeability and introduces the unprecedented chaise-longue version of La Grande Muraglia, a collection of marble sofas and seating designed by Mario Bellini in 1981, made of Bianco Covelano marble.

Terrae by Neutra, design Draw Studio

Palma by Neutra, design Foster+Partners

There are also the Dima, Vivera and Cavo mirrors by Migliore+Servetto, which alternate marble with metal in a reflective play emphasized by integrated light; and also the preview revelation of NEUTRA’s collaboration with the prestigious international firm Foster + Partners, which has selected the company as a partner to create marble elements for the new project residential Palm Flower in Dubai.

The next space, The matter archive, is a chamber of wonders that houses small fragments of matter, the layers of which are visible through macro lenses. Next to it, the Adym table designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti expresses the full sculptural potential of Verde Alpi marble, with the two elements of the leg stretching one toward each other without ever touching.

Adym by Neutra, design Gabriele e Oscar Buratti

Minimal M6 by Neutra, design Nespoli e Novara

Eos by Neutra, design Draw Studio

In The mirroring effect, the play of reflections and reversals of perspectives, achieved with two inclined backdrops, is the backdrop for the Minimal M6 washbasin collections by Nespoli and Novara, whose shapes reinterpret the concept of the monolith. Finally, To the edge of matter, the culmination of the exhibition itinerary, opens onto a lunar landscape that dialogues with furnishings designed by Atelier oïRévérence lamp and Micelio low table system, both relating to duality – and Draw StudioIslas table, Eos lamp, Terrae modular sofas, Delos side tables. A system sound designed ad hoc with sound artist NEUNAU helps give voice to the material.

Photo © Leo Torri Studio