Virtual worlds by Ultra

As the line between real and virtual becomes increasingly blurred in the contemporary world, the cerative studio based in Milan positions itself at the forefront of this change, creating digital environments that offer immersive and joyful experiences

Ultra, MAXXI, Fuori Tutto

In the current communicative landscape, virtual representation is gaining ever more central importance, driven by rapid advancements in digital technologies. This shift towards the immaterial is manifested in a growing interest in virtual worlds and augmented reality, offering new paths to connect, explore, and communicate. The boundaries between the physical and the digital are gradually fading, expanding the possibilities for interaction, learning, and entertainment in previously unimaginable ways. In this context, realities working in the field of virtual and augmented reality, like Ultra, have the opportunity to reinvent communicative and narrative approaches for increasingly demanding and technologically savvy audiences, offering immersive experiences that enrich reality with new levels of meaning and involvement.

Ultra, Università Statale

Founded in 2022 through the synergy between Valentina Temporin, John Volpato, and Spindox SpA, Ultra represents an innovative reality in the landscape of immersive technologies and virtual worlds. They describe themselves as: “We are authors of virtual worlds for joyful immersive experiences” – a phrase that perfectly captures the essence of the creative studio, whose purpose is to provide the public with engaging and educational digital experiences, ranging from metaverse platforms to immersive multimedia installations. Projects that combine the latest technological innovations with user-centered design, transforming creative ideas into digital worlds for various types of events, from educational to artistic, to corporate promotions.

Valentina Temporin, John Volpato

The studio’s projects stand out for their visionary approach: they have created the metaverse for Banca BPER and developed a virtual assistant for Poste Italiane, demonstrating significant technical ability and a commitment to making technology both accessible and interactive. Works like the VR experience “Osaka’70” and VR simulators presented at the international CISBAT conference in Lausanne show how the studio is capable of reinventing concepts of storytelling and interaction in the virtual field. The close collaboration with Spindox SpA gives Ultra the foundation to take on bold projects, with a special attention to innovation and sustainability.

Ultra, MAXXI, Osaka
Ultra, MAXXI, Osaka

Among recent initiatives, the “A Plenitude of Future” project for Plenitude stands out, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the theme of sustainable energy, highlighting how daily choices impact our planet. “The visitor was taken on a journey that envisioned the near future of neighborhoods, companies, and homes according to Plenitude, from the standpoint of energy transition,” remembers Valentina Temporin. “Particularly, the heart of the immersive experience focused on the home, where a shared activity took place with other users. The experience was designed for multiple users who met in the virtual environment, accompanied by what we call the ‘Human Performer’,” she continues.

Ultra, Deotto Metaverse

Valentina Temporin highlights the crucial role of the ‘Human Performer’, a human guide who, in the case of Plenitude, was the actress Ginevra Masini, in facilitating participants through an interactive path aimed at stimulating reflections on responsible consumption and environmental sustainability. “It was very important that this was a guided experience, with a strong narrative capable of translating the essential values of Plenitude for the energy transition, engaging guests on a journey to the possible future that is just around the corner, and that can be reached by becoming aware of the daily choices we make,” concludes Valentina Temporin.

Ultra’s talent in reconciling technology with other aspects of life was also manifested in their collaboration for the “Fuori Tutto” exhibition at MAXXI in 2023, for which they curated the VR environment of Carola Bonfili‘s work “L’osservatore nascosto”, optimized for Meta Quest 2. This project highlighted the studio’s commitment to creating experiences that place the visitor at the center, promoting interaction and discovery, dimensions that are activated in all of the studio’s projects.