Office, Contract book by MDF Italia
Office, Contract book by MDF Italia

The approach of MDF Italia is to start with ideas to grant form to reality. A linear path, the result of careful analysis of the time, perceiving and interpreting a wide range of functional needs, from the pursuit of comfort to the emotional dimension. Constant stimuli, to which MDF Italia responds with offerings that cover the multiple identities of today’s living, organized in three catalogues: Indoor book, Outdoor book and Contract book.

Tools with which to construct crossovers, ready to exist in very different contexts thanks to universal, timeless design based on awareness of the unique character of every site, inside the home, at work, or in hospitality structures. The furnishings are essential, high-performance, without trying to set the aesthetic tone of spaces with their presence. They can be interpreted by the creativity of every user, respecting the spirit of every space.

In the Contract book, under the art direction of the Milan-based architecture firm 967arch, MDF Italia has developed two special proposals with 3D renderings, for the world of the office and hospitality. The connection between them, linking ideas and reality, is the versatility of the products and their shared aesthetic approach.

For the world of the office, MDF Italia imagines a narrative across the most characteristic spaces of a workplace: from the reception zone to open-plan areas, from the managerial office to the meeting rooms and informal spaces, from shared situations to outdoor settings. The starting point for the development of the project is the idea that workspaces today have also become hospitable, immersive gathering places.

There is a search for sharing, but also for privacy; for dialogue, but also for concentration. Accustomed to working from home, people now demand new levels of wellbeing in the office. To respond to this new desire for comfort, the collections of MDF Italia have been inserted in the Office catalogue to create a more domestic atmosphere with respect to the tone of traditional offices.

The second chapter of the catalogue is for the hospitality sector. Hospitality is a question of context and atmosphere: two concepts that have been explored at length in domestic settings, which can now be translated into contract applications. Restaurants, cafés and hotels are some of the main places of gathering and sharing in the contemporary world; spaces that require versatile crossovers in their furnishings, capable of combining practicality and aesthetic appeal.

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The concept developed together with 967arch embodies characteristics of elegance, understatement and hospitality, interpreted in the typical spaces of a boutique hotel in Milan. A coherent, sophisticated narrative, through the shared spaces such as the reception, the café, the restaurant, and extending to the corridors and the guestrooms, including the Superior Guestrooms and the Executive Suite, all the way to the Rooftop, a place in which to encounter the outdoor offerings of the brand.

The most prestigious projects completed by MDF Italia include the Luxottica headquarters around the world, the Nike offices and the Rothschild and Google headquarters in Milan, and the new library of the Turin Polytechnic, where the products utilized have been customized to meet the needs of the clients.