Narì by Pedrali, design Andrea Pedrali - Art direction Studio FM, Styling Studio Salaris, Photo © Andrea Garuti
Narì by Pedrali, design Andrea Pedrali - Art direction Studio FM, Styling Studio Salaris, Photo Andrea Garuti

As many as 60 years have passed since Mario Pedrali founded the company that still bears his name today. Six uninterrupted decades of design, enterprise and perspectives, crossing the three generations that have transformed a crafts workshop linked to the territory around Bergamo into a corporation of industrial design with true international reach. The evolution that has guided the brand in all these years has been accompanied by faith in the values behind it, made of high-quality materials and workmanship (from metal to plastic, wood to upholstery), design research (expanding into collections for the home, the office, outdoor settings and contract applications), and a creative spirit, driven by elegant minimalism and functional purity, as the leitmotif of all the offerings.

Serenella by Pedrali,
design Mario Pedrali

Narì by Pedrali,
design Andrea Pedrali

This essential identity and constant perseverance return in Narì, the chair designed precisely by the third generation for the company’s 60th anniversary. The designer Andrea Pedrali has taken inspiration from the tradition and passion of the family, paying homage to his grandfather, the founder of the firm, while formulating a contemporary reinterpretation of the first garden chairs made in wrought iron by Mario Pedrali himself in the 1960s, especially the Serenella model.

Picking up on several distinctive features of this Pedrali icon from the 1960s, revised in terms of new technologies, the young designer has thus developed outdoor seating with a solid steel structure and a weave of extruded PVC with a nylon core, to wrap the armrests and the back. The legs of the historic Serenella, obtained with a double rod forged by hand and bent, is now implied through the use of a double steel tube; while the fan-like geometry of the back finds a modern application precisely in the cording that grips the lower part of the structure of Narì and widens upward, adding dynamism and overall lightness to the product.

The comfort is accentuated by the presence of a cushion in polyurethane foam, covered with removable fabric suitable for outdoor use. No detail has been left to chance in the new collection, not even the name which refers to a tradition in the folk culture of the territory, drawn directly from the nickname with which the family of origin of Mario Pedrali was known.

Narì, making its debut in April, has foreshadowed the celebrations for the company’s 60th birthday, which will take place in September inside the headquarters at Mornico al Serio, with a special architectural installation created by AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi, the Pedrali Pavilion; inside, the space will host the exhibition “Pedrali60, we design a better future” curated by Luca Molinari Studio.

Art direction Studio FM, Styling Studio Salaris, Photo © Andrea Garuti, Photo © Ottavio Tomasini