Terrasza Milano 2024, an outdoor oasis

At the Fuorisalone 2024, Terrasza made its debut as a platform of furnishings and complements for outdoor spaces

Terrasza Milano 2024
Terrasza Milano 2024

Terrasza is a new phygital platform for the world of outdoor décor, which began last October in Barcelona with a circuit of showrooms and events on open-air design. This year the initiative was also part of Fuorisalone 2024, with the first edition of Terrasza Milano. 

The platform was part of the 5VIE circuit, and for the occasion it opened an unusual new location to the public: the Giardino di Alik, at the headquarters of Centro Artistico Alik Cavaliere, Via de Amicis 17, the studio of one of the masters of contemporary art of the 20th century. In this setting, with exhibit design by the architect Giovanni Rivolta of the firm Rivolta Savioni Architetti, Terrasza presented the new creations of companies, which as in the case of the online platform represent various typologies of furniture and complements for outdoor spaces: Gandía Blasco Group, Lorelux, Magis, Benkert Bänke, Ca\Stil, Carola fra i Trulli, Novara Outdoor Kitchens, Plust, Vajillas de Ultramar, Viscio Urban Design. 

Terrasza Milano 2024

Along with the new products, the evocative garden also hosted an outdoor cinema, featuring outdoor seating for different settings from different brands. Dreamy images of terraces, gardens and swimming pools alternated with a collage of the best outdoor scenes in the history of film, produced by students from the FX school of cinema and animation of Barcelona. Visitors could also see the winning projects of the International 3D Awards, the first global competition of 3D creativity, aimed at artists and designers and supported by Gandia Blasco Group together with the platform Bo Models, and the images of flowers made by the photographer Francesca Romano, printed in large format.

Photo © Francesca Romano
Photo Francesca Romano

As happened in Barcelona, in Milan Terrasza created a circuit of showrooms and nurseries in the city – also using Google Maps – highlighted on a map created by the illustrator Ángela Léon. 

Through the events and the platform, the main objective of the initiative was to generate synergies and exchanges to encourage dialogue and reflections, applying a multidisciplinary perspective to themes connected with ecology, lifestyle and creative challenges. From furniture to lighting, carpets to decorative elements, materials to flowerpots and plants: the mission of Terrasza is to bring together the best of outdoor design and production in a single online-offline “container.”