In Dubai, echoes of Jaipur

Conceived by Pallavi Dean, Jaipur Rug’s new Emirati flagship store pays homage to the art and design of India

Jaipur Rugs flagship store, Dubai

Founded in Rajasthan, in north-western India, in 1978, Jaipur Rugs is a company specialising in the design and production of handmade rugs. The brand has become internationally known for its ability to produce rugs according to a vision that interprets the ancient local textile art and enhances craftsmanship techniques. The brand’s openness to foreign markets was manifested as early as 2021 with the opening of a shop in Milan and continues today with the opening of a new flagship store in Dubai, on Alserkal Avenue. “Dubai is known for its appreciation of art and culture,” said Yogesh Chaudhary, director of Jaipur Rugs, “and is therefore the perfect destination to showcase our rugs and the stories they tell.”

Conceived and designed by award-winning interior designer Pallavi Dean, the store pays homage to the art and design of rural India through material and colour, offering a window into the historic and picturesque architecture of Jaipur, the pink city where the company was born. Covering an area of over 7,000 square metres, the installation is a visual ode to the traditional stepped wells of Rajasthan, known as baoris. Evocative design and an innovative approach to designing interior spaces are the designer’s hallmarks.

“We devised a different set up from conventional carpet displays, ingeniously incorporating the architecture of the space to fuse design, craftsmanship and innovation, offering visitors an immersive experience. In addition, we introduced three enchanting experience rooms housed within jewel-themed domes: the Sapphire Room, the Emerald Room and the Ruby Room. These rooms feature carpets that stretch from floor to ceiling, creating an immersive atmosphere where the collections themselves become magnificent works of art,” reveals Pallavi Dean.

Visitors to the Jaipur Rugs store can explore a diverse range of styles, colours and textures, from traditional to contemporary, catering to different aesthetic preferences and interior design concepts. Among the collections on display is the Manchaha series, which combines design and social impact.

“Our Manchaha initiative, which literally means ‘from the heart’, allows artists in rural India to create their own designs, which become a form of personal expression and a sustainable livelihood for them and their families. The artists tell their personal stories through elements of their culture and environment,” Yogesh Chaudhary concludes.