Palazzo Tirso – MGallery: history and beauty

The coordinated design by Studio Marco Piva with the Custom Interiors division of Poltrona Frau restores the splendor of a historical building in Cagliari, once the headquarters of Società Elettrica Sarda, transforming it into a 5-star lifestyle hotel of the Accor group

Palazzo Tirso – MGallery, Cagliari, Italy
Palazzo Tirso – MGallery, Cagliari, Italy

Starting in the 1920s, the building contained the offices of Società Elettrica Sarda, and then the regional management of Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo. Now this architectural gem facing the tourism port of Cagliari has been restored, in tune with the landscape context, to create a 5-star hotel: the new Palazzo Tirso – MGallery, part of the Accor group and owned by Gruppo Puddu Costruzioni.

The internal architecture and interior design, in keeping with the heritage of the building which has been updated to meet today’s needs, are the result of collaboration between Studio Marco Piva and Poltrona Frau, in a successful operation of conservation and refurbishing. A decisive role is played by materials of the highest quality, colors and textures that interact with the view of the sea, the city and the hills.

Rosy sunset hues, the blue shadings of the sky and the crystal-clear water of Golfo degli Angeli, the bright green presence of nature: everything combines to create a perfect indoor-outdoor connection.

Eighty-five rooms, of including 8 suites and one presidential suite, form a kingdom of privacy. The collective areas, starting with the lobby, have been designed to be flexible, for both private and social uses, heightening the usual experience of hotel hospitality.

All the spaces are marked by an essential elegance and great comfort, where nearly all the furnishings are produced by Poltrona Frau based on the design by Studio Marco Piva, accompanied by a selection of exclusive limited editions for the hotel and some of the company’s iconic creations, like the Archibald seating and a reworking of the Jane table, both in the wine cellar of the Palazzo. The fine craftsmanship and attention to detail of Poltrona Frau contribute in a decisive way to create welcoming, luxurious atmospheres, in tune with the architectural context.

Nicola Coropulis, CEO of the company, comments: “With our Custom Interiors division we interpret the desires of clients and our partners, transforming design thinking into concrete results that respond to every single phase of the project, from the creative development of the idea to the production and logistics. Ongoing research for innovative solutions, fine workmanship and extreme attention to detail ensure results at the highest levels, even in situations where there are particular and unexpected challenges, connected to the specific context of action.”

Photo © Andrea Martiradonna