Architectural collection by Poliform
Architectural collection by Poliform

A new way to think about contemporary interior design. An ideal that gets away from products to embrace a wider vision, shifting towards architecture. A concept that makes it possible to develop décor and spaces at the same time. Its name is Architectural Collection and it is the result of the evolution of the research of Poliform, combining quality design with the tailor-made expertise of the company’s Contract Division. Architectural Collection allows you to furnish spaces while developing their layout, utilizing the living and nighttime systems that have made the brand famous.

The Night System, Day System and Kitchen lines are combined to create accessorized partitions, paneling, dividers, openings, while also generating new spaces with refined craftsmanship. Traditional masonry perimeters seem to vanish, leaving room for elegant material settings driven by aesthetic continuity.

The entire project centers on the Pivot and Surface programs. The first is a system of openings including sliding, pivoting and swinging doors that create passages and connections, but can also be closed, seeming to vanish into the wall – also thanks to finishes and handles that match those of the cabinets. The doors can be combined with paneling, the Senzafine wardrobes, but also the columns of the Kitchen Collection.

Surface, on the other hand, is a paneling system for walls, the backs of wardrobes and partitions, which transforms simple cladding into an architectural feature with personalized design for the finishes and accessories. Combining Surface with the Lexington, Wall System and Code living systems (also in the new suspended version, or with feet), walls are generated to contain bookcases, shelves, storage units and wardrobes. Paired with the Senzafine, Code and Quid night systems, it is possible to create large wardrobes and closets.

These items can be used with Link, a system of panels to create walls (also with openings) that connect or divide internal spaces. Providing maximum design freedom, the Architectural Collection offers a response to the world of interior design, comparable to “bespoke” craftsmanship. For flexible, functional and aesthetically harmonious compositions.