Why not separate the headboard from the frame, giving them infinite combinations of fabrics, measurements and accessories to obtain solutions that are always different, totally shaped around personal tastes and needs? This is what Caccaro has done with collections that revolutionize and reinterpret the bedroom zone, branding it with an unusual identity.
A microcosm entirely on demand, full of aesthetic and functional qualities, which also incorporates lighting in a game of full and empty, soft and rigid zones, with or without storage spaces, to dress up the most private zone of the home in a tailor-made creation.
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It starts with Bishape, where designer Monica Graffeo breaks down the headboard into two forms for free combination. The circle and the rectangle can be matched in geometric pairs (circle-circle, rectangle-rectangle), or in contrast (circle- rectangle), completely revising the line of the bed in the double or single versions.
The impression is that of a true painting, reinforced by the stitching placed at the center of the figures, which creates a refined graphic sign and plays with the color and surface of the wall.

Caccaro, Bishape by Monica Graffeo

Caccaro, Bishape by Monica Graffeo

The profile becomes even more dynamic with the lateral application of a lighting support, built into the back of the headboard, which rotates by 90° thanks to an innovative mechanism developed by the company’s R&D division.
The round shade can be easily raised to aim the light to where it is needed. Its fluid, silent movement is triggered by a light touch of a finger, and the unit automatically remains in the desired position.

Personalization to the millimeter, on the other hand, is the ‘obsession’ of Caccaro for the Let’space headboard, enhanced in terms of tailoring. It can extend on the wall from corner to corner (in a niche) or in a freer position at its center, almost becoming paneling and offering – across the entire length – a storage compartment with a depth of 13 cm.
The light comes directly from the back of the headboard and softly spreads into the room, also on the adjustable lacquered table, placed at will at the sides of the bed to offer another handy surface for objects.

Caccaro, Let’space 

Caccaro, Groove
Caccaro, Groove Run
Caccaro, Groove Zip
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The path of deconstruction of the bed begins, to be precise, with Groove, the multifunctional aluminium bar that also functions as a headboard, which Monica Graffeo, in her concept, constantly renews by modifying the height of the wall attachment, the border and the accessories, including cushions to attach with a useful zipper.
The bar can also become a handy shelf, a light source thanks to LEDs in the upper and lower zones, and a smart device with four Bluetooth stereo amplifiers for connection to a tablet or a smartphone.

All the headboards, of course, can be utilized with a vast range of bed borders – boxes and rings – in various sizes, fabrics and finishes. A wealth of solutions that join those of the beds Ajar, designed by Monica Graffeo, Tofee and Filesse, created by Caccaro.