Mirrors of Zlín by Loom on the Moon, Zlín, Czech Republic - Photo © BoysPlayNice
Mirrors of Zlín by Loom on the Moon, Zlín, Czech Republic - Photo © BoysPlayNice

Commissioned by the Statutory City of Zlín to celebrate 700 years of history of the city, The Mirrors of Zlin presents a series of multimedia installations in the chateau park. For the the first of the three installations the architects took inspiration from the work of writer Pavel Kosatík on the evolution of the city and its surroundings, “which we complemented and summarised with illustrations. This resulted in an intergenerational dialogue between text and image“.

Second installation is an immersive film, a frame-by-frame painted animation, “an audiovisual experience that allows visitors to inhabit past moments of Zlín in various eras, seasons, lights, in rural times, during a fire, when the railway arrived, during the Bata boom, and also present moments.

The highlight is Mirrors of Zlín – a lyrical constellation of fluid shapes, poetically placed among the most beautiful trees of Zlín‘s park, which after dawn resounds with a polyphony of voices of real and fictional characters from different times and backgrounds.

At dusk, the sound composition becomes a celebration of cyclical time, the changing seasons and the moments of the equinox and solstice. The musical compositions are based on recordings from seventeen bell towers in the Zlín region. Each month of the year the voice of a different bell sounds through the park. The sound level is supported by moving light, which is a playful alternative to the night lighting of the park.

Photo © BoysPlayNice