Red Brick Art Museum, Chaoyang District, Beijing

As an artist with a long-standing focus on ecological issues, Tomás Saraceno, born in Argentina and based in Berlin, combines the qualities of a visionary artist and a maverick scientist. His large-scale solo exhibition, “Complementarities” debuted at the Red Brick Art Museum on March 22. Curated by Yan Shijie, the exhibition will showcase nearly a hundred works by Saraceno, marking his most extensive solo exhibition in the Asian region in recent years.

As the curator Yan Shijie explains: “Tomás Saraceno is constantly changing roles, from engaging with indigenous communities, to strengthening a DIT (Do-It-Together) ethos, to designing and producing solar sculptures that fly without fossil fuels

Aeroke by Tomás Saraceno, Red Brick Art Museum, Chaoyang District, Beijing

He is a producer of ideas, allying with non-human spiders, with diverse scientists, anthropologists, philosophers, legal scholars, poets, and social activists around the world, using their shared actions to make a moral promise to living things, to the atmosphere, and to the Earth itself: the Aerocene, an era that turns its back on anthropocentrism, an era centered on the environment, an era of shared benefit for the eight billion humans and millions of other species that reside together on this planet. This exhibition presents us with an ideal vision of harmonious coexistence between humans, nature, and different species, an ideal vision with ecopolitical significance: Complementarities.

Algo-r(h)i(y)thms by Tomás Saraceno, Red Brick Art Museum, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Opening March 21, 2024
Organised by Red Brick Art Museum, supported by Aerocene and Arachnophilia