For its 125th anniversary, Giorgetti opens ‘The Place’ in Milan

On Via della Spiga in the fashion quad of Milan, a synonym for international luxury, the brand opens a store that is also an atelier

Giorgetti Spiga - The Place showroom, Milan
Giorgetti Spiga - The Place showroom, Milan

Four stories in a 17th-century building with a classic 19th-century façade on Via della Spiga, in the famous fashion quad of Milan: Gruppo Giorgetti celebrates its 125th anniversary. “Giorgetti Spiga – The Place” is the name of the location, halfway between a store and an atelier. The project coordinated by Giancarlo Bosio reveals the quintessence of the brand’s vision of beauty, presenting iconic creations and new developments.

Giorgetti Spiga – The Place showroom, Milan
Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO Giorgetti Group
Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO Giorgetti Group

“Giorgetti Spiga is The Place, the new home of Giorgetti, where the brand – in line with its path of strategic growth that has moved forward for some time – reaches maximum levels of expression, through all the facets of design made to measure for the client: from the sartorial detailing of the products, to the maniacal focus on interiors,” says Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO of Gruppo Giorgetti. “The Place is also a space in which to delve into experience and design research in the widest sense of the term, through interferences of art, music, food and everything that can contribute to convey an experience connected with beauty: it is the best gift we could give ourselves to celebrate our 125th birthday.”

Nothing is left to chance in the store: from the fine craftsmanship of the marble on the stairs to the paneling and the floors, which combine stones, marble varieties and custom parquet, a tribute to the woodworking tradition of the brand and the exceptional heritage that brings together design and art, with works from Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery and Brun Fine Art&Antiques Gallery.

The entrance on Via della Spiga leads to internal spaces through a glass corridor that terminates in a cavedium. On the three levels above, visitors enter a kaleidoscope of emotions and forms: the Flaminio card table, the Annette chairs, paneling with leather inserts produced with Battaglia, part of Gruppo Giorgetti since 2018; and then the Griffe tables, the SoHo modular sofa by Carlo Colombo, the Elsa chairs by M2atelier, the decorative objects of the Atmosphere collection and the Kendama lamps.

A spectacular internal staircase leads to the first floor, presenting the kitchens GK.01 and GK.03; followed by the dining area, with the Enso table and the Tie chairs. Next come the Vesper sofa by Roberto Lazzeroni, the iconic Move rocking chair, the Galet tables and the Summa ottoman, framed by the Borealis screen; and the meeting room with the Amadeus table by Roberto Lazzeroni and the Montgomery chairs by Dainelli Studio.

On the second floor the home office area features the Erasmo desk by Massimo Scolari and the Springer managerial armchair; the fitness zone contains the exercise bars in wood and leather, created with Battaglia, and the Ali punching bag. Continuing inside, visitors see the Miyabi double-face wardrobe and the Reiwa system, leading to the night zone and the relaxation area, with the Vibe bed and the Shirley bench by Carlo Colombo, the Edward vanity and desk by Dainelli Studio, the Montgomery chair and the Uyuni mirror, the Hug armchair by Rossella Pugliatti, the Clamp tables by M2atelier, and the Otto ottoman with an extractable table, next to the Solemyidae sofa.

Two glass doors offer access to a first terrace furnished with the pieces of the Aldìa outdoor collection by Carlo Colombo, while on the third floor, amidst the Fit tables, the Urban sofa by Carlo Colombo and the Asura chairs by Umberto Asnago, there is a special edition of the Mizar table by Roberto Lazzeroni with a round top in Labradorite and a base in cast bronze with blue coloring: produced in just 12 numbered pieces, sold exclusively at Via della Spiga, this object represents the ideal bridge connecting the world of design to that of art objects and collectibles.

In the basement, a meeting room can be used for design consulting, with the Gordon table and the Genius chairs, while a materials library offers samples of finishes and materials for the perusal designers and clients.