Das Haus by Todd Bracher: an American approach

Pragmatic, minimalist, inquirer. The main features of Todd Bracher’s projects are entirely applied within Das Haus 2017. As Guest of Honour at Imm, he received the task of giving a new interpretation to the contemporary living.
The New York designer – an authoritative firm for important brands such as Cappellini, Fritz Hansen, Herman Miller, Swarovski, Zanotta – is starring the sixth edition of Das Haus – Interiors on Stage with his spacious architecture and linear design, so different from his predecessors: take for example Sebastian Herkner’s fluidity of shapes on 2016 project or, even before, Neri&Hu’s introspective journey for their home concept.

Todd Bracher designed under a suspended roof two solutions connected to each other but totally different – a big space with shelf units made of semitransparent casing and black cube, with a light ball that seems to be placed over like a moon. In a corner, a shower area and bathroom.
Bracher opposed to the traditional concept of the three rooms “kitchen-bathroom-bedroom” a vision of space that flows into each other: one for dining, another for relaxation and one for personal care. A concept that translates his particular vision of contemporary living.