Joni by Baxter, Design Christophe Delcourt
Joni by Baxter, Design Christophe Delcourt

Among the most widespread trends today, there is certainly the tendency to pay homage to the expressive imagery of the 1970s. A decade of pure creative ferment, social engagement and radical utopias, where curves that banish sharp edges and conventions gave rise to new energy in the design discipline, also revolutionizing our approach to living, and triggering a long wave that has reached all the way to the present. This culturally stratified epoch, with the ‘fluid’ force of its versatile language capable of encompassing objectives of ergonomic and functional quality, provides the inspiration for the collection designed by Christophe Delcourt for Baxter.

 Joni is a perfect hybrid of nostalgia and futuristic vision that translates into complements conceived above all for the new dynamics of domestic space, in the light of the wide spread of various forms of working at home. The pieces share the combination of brushed oak stained in tones of Caramel, Charcoal or Tobacco, with fine leather coverings – reflecting the exceptional workmanship of Baxter – to alternate rigorous and curved lines that give the furnishings unique, never banal rhythms.

The desk, the element that more than any other reveals the purpose of a room, gets away from the usual managerial rigor: the drawer unit finds room under the large work table, covered by one of the bases, which follows its profile halfway, creating a harmonious effect of full and empty zones.

In the freestanding or wall version, the bookcase designed by Delcourt manages space in an elegant, dynamic and imaginative way, thanks to its volumes that extend and curve, underscored by the leather covering and the contrasts generated by highly personalized color combinations. The modular design plays with the dualism of symmetry and asymmetry and offers a relaxing undulated movement to the gaze.

The low cabinet is a very versatile item that adapts to many different tastes without losing the essential practicality of its storage function. The Joni sideboard has an elegant profile, and with its spacious impact, paced by a series of doors with a 3D effect, it frames the perspective of the room. Rigorous lines alternate with the curves of the doors, which in this case also function as handles.