Walk-in Fluida by Scavolini, Design Vuesse
Walk-in Fluida by Scavolini, Design Vuesse

Fully reflecting the typical quality and style of Scavolini, the Vuesse in-house creative team has developed a complete closet system that goes beyond the concept of the wardrobe cabin. Walk-in Fluida is a true furnishing program developed to create a private oasis, not just to store clothing, accessories, handbags and shoes, but also to provide an intimate, personal place in which to dress, finding the perfect outfit for the day. The modular organization breaks down any architectural barriers, permitting installation of multiple configurations. Walk-in Fluida, in fact, can be inserted in large or small spaces, thanks to linear, corner or freestanding solutions that can also serve as dividers.

The remarkable looks are supplied by refined smoked glass doors, enhanced by an aluminium frame that also becomes a handle (as an alternative to the push-pull option), creating a subtle effect to offer an elegant glimpse of the wardrobe’s

The five available colors – Pure White, Iron Grey, Seagull Grey, Garden Walnut and Nuance Larch – do the rest: ranging from pale to dark tones, they contribute to create a soft, refined atmosphere in which to linger with pleasure.

The definitive seduction, however, happens inside the space, thanks to a fine selection of coordinated accessories: shelves, hanger rods, trouser racks and removable trays, containers for lingerie, shoes and various objects.

There are actually three lines of internal accessories, made with great attention to detail (Comfort in the Moka finish, Support in the Metal Gray finish, and Assist, which comes in the five tones of the structure), enhanced by pleasantly soft lighting. Like Magical, for horizontal or vertical positioning, inclined towards the inside, and Flexy, which is horizontal and flexible, placed on the shelves with a depth of 61 cm (combined with posts having a depth of 34 cm) and on the Assist footwear caddie.