FuoriSalone. La Murrina fits Boscolo Hotel’s display windows

The glassmakers of La Murrina give life to the sculptures of "Masters of Murano" hosted at the Boscolo Hotel during Design Week, a tribute to a century-old tradition born in the Venetian lagoon.

An exceptional setting, curated by Alessandro La Spada, provides the backdrop to these exclusive artistic sculptures of geometric and abstract shapes, sometimes associated with everyday objects; an extraordinary variety of colours which come together in a vortex of what appear to be ever-changing patterns.  A heterogeneous imagination that may be absorbed and transformed by the subconscious of differently sensitive observers.

The display windows draw attention to the most outstanding pieces and invite us to discover the dreamlike atmosphere of the Venetian lagoon which accompanies us in this evocative experience between gothic windows and oak mooring posts, symbols that highlight the precious value of these works by setting them in the context to which they belong. 

Watch also the video of the interview with Simone Ceriani