It resembles the materialization of a series of literary works, emerging from pages and ink with ethereal atmospheres of lakeside nature. Baxter Lago, a villa from the early 1900s, is part of the peaceful setting of Lake Como. Set on a hill above the water rippled by the Breva (the tame local wind), surrounded by gardens.

The dwelling chosen by the company clearly expresses its concept of home, a place where beauty rules, inside and out, for a seductive experience of the new 2022 collection, iconic production pieces and – for the first time – a series of outdoor furnishings. The residential enclosure is not only enveloping and protective, but also vital and open to emotions, offering both coziness and playfulness. The breathtaking view is narrated room after room in harmony with furnishings of discreet luxury, triggering a gentle, honest memory inside a contemporary context.

Starting from the entrance, where once inside the door protected by a Liberty canopy, visitors are embraced by wallpaper with exotic motifs, in the colors Caramello and Avio, deployed in various shades, where the Fany table topped by the undulating Nuvola lamp in fiberglass offers a welcome.

On either side of this first space, two other rooms – on the right a study, on the left a small living room with a fireplace – have the familiar feel of a welcome. The study, with the Joni desk and bookcase, invites concentration; in the living room, the mood is set by the Barret armchairs, the Lazybones Lounge in soft sheepskin, and the Tebe and Liquid coffee tables.

From here one moves on to the living room, where one can indulge in the pleasure of conversation on the Clara sofa accompanied by refined details such as the hand-woven Himani carpet, the travertine of the Thalatha coffee table, the nickel silver finish of the three Allure tables. And finally here is the dining room, with the Grace table in brushed oak.

Baxter Lago, Photo © Gianluca Vassallo & Francesco Mannironi

A suave double ramp of steps leads to the bedroom zone, but not before we are captured, if only for a moment, by the green and blue hues that burst through the windows, together with the fragrance of peonies and wisteria. The furnishings that inhabit the two bedrooms, a dining room and a reading room include the monumental presence of the Nairobi table in black ash, designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, and the Zen lightness of the Stone bed by Federico Peri, reinterpreted with new modules in a shade of blue.

Outdoor furniture, a new development for Baxter, connects the open air and the interiors, thanks to the Narciso upholstered furnishings created by Studiopepe with the new outdoor fabrics, velvety and rough surfaces to enliven the terrace. The Keramikè ceramic tables are like small atolls in the midst of the vertical garden and the annex. Or the collections in the pool area: Himba by Roberto Lazzeroni in tones of ecru and ivory, and Dharma by Studiopepe, in light blue: cots, sofas and chairs, completed by soft cushions covered in fabric or leather.

Photo © Gianluca Vassallo & Francesco Mannironi